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16 Nov
Thierry CLERC

Article 8.1 of the EU regulation 1215/2012 defines the principles: «A person domiciled in a Member State may also be sued (outside his domicile and the place of contract): 1°) where he is one of a number of defendants, in the courts for the place where any one of them is domiciled, provided the claims are so closely connected that it is expedient to hear and determine them together to avoid the ri

10 Nov
Vitaly Tytych

Corruption was one of the catalysts for Ukraine’s Revolution of Dignity (so-called Euromaidan), which led to the fall of the Government, the flight of the President and most of his Cabinet, in February 2014. According to results of a public poll, Ukrainian courts were the least trusted public institutions: only 6 % of respondents had trust in them.

31 Jan
By Chris Marston, chief executive of LawNet

If you spin the globe, do you see opportunities or time differences?  When a client asks for a referral to a law firm in another country, do you match them with one of your LinkedIn contacts, take pot luck or even suggest they might try Google? 

28 Oct
Pietro Bembo

Marketude, a marketing consulting company for professionals, who for years cooperates with Eurojuris Italy, conducted a study to learn about mutual expectations that can arise in relationships between customers and professionals such as lawyers and accountants, with particular attention to corporate customers.

24 Oct

Limitation of liability for the seller   A paper co-authored by the members of the EUROJURIS INTERNATIONAL CONTRACTS & LITIGATION Group September 2016 UNIDROIT PRINCIPLES stresses that all legal systems recognise the influence of passage of time on rights. We can distinguish two basic systems which lead to opposite consequences.

13 Oct
Pierantonio Paulon

EUROJURIS INTERNATIONAL CONTRACTS & LITIGATION Group   THE RETENTION OF TITLE IN INTERNATIONAL COMMERCE   A paper by Pierantonio Paulon, Avvocato in Treviso (Italy), LL.M. (Padua)   Introduction This article is meant to give an overview over a relatively accessible tool for the protection of the seller, the retention of title (ROT, and over its functioning in an international context.

6 Oct
Lucile Quentel & Joyce Lustberg

JURISMUS Annual Meeting 2016 Have you ever wondered what JURISMUS, the network of young Eurojuris lawyers (under 40) is all about? Simply come and join us! Here is what you missed at our last annual meeting held in Kingston-upon-Hull, aka Hull, England from 16 to 18 June 2016.

30 Aug
Eurojruis International Litigation Practice Group

HARDSHIP PROVISIONS & HARDSHIP CLAUSES IN INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS CONTRACTS A paper co-authored by the members of the  EUROJURIS INTERNATIONAL CONTRACTS & LITIGATION Group July 2016   As an introduction, it seems interesting to remind the reader of the definition of force majeure” and of the difference between force majeure and hardship.

23 May
Thierry Clerc

WHEN CROSS-BORDER DISTRIBUTION CONTRACTS COME TO AN END   There are various forms of distribution agreements, such as franchising agreements, selective or exclusive distribution contracts. Moreover, their respective definitions may not be the same in all countries.

4 Mar
Thierry Clerc

The new EU Regulation on successions of 4 July 2012 came into force on 17 August 2015. Applicable law The rule is that applicable law is the law of the State where the deceased had his/her domicile at the time of death.


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