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Why did you choose to become a member of Eurojuris International: 
As we are an intellectual property practice, our work is by its very nature, international. It makes sense for us then, as a practice which seeks to serve the needs of its (a) Australian clients both in Australia and elsewhere, and (b) non-Australian clients in this country, to be part of an international network. We are also very interested in quality management. So, joining Eurojuris International was a logical step for us to take, given that joining the network would enable us to pursue these interests further. I (Frank Di Giantomasso) myself come from a European heritage, as do some other members of our practice. Our links with Europe therefore made the choice of network clear and compelling.
What kind of clients do you work with: 
We work primarily with businesses and not-for-profit organisations that need assistance with intellectual property matters. A good amount of our work is referred to us by other law firms (both Australian and non-Australian firms) that wish to draw upon our expertise in intellectual property law. In addition, many of our clients seek global solutions to their intellectual property needs. Our trade marks, designs and copyright work deals with all aspects of those areas of practice. This work ranges from the filing and prosecution of trade mark and design applications, through to commercialisation and dispute resolution. In these areas, we act primarily for commercial clients, including one of Australia’s largest retailers and a major Australian telecommunications company. In Australia, patent filing and prosecution work is undertaken exclusively by patent attorneys, while other intellectual property legal work is undertaken exclusively by lawyers. We provide both legal and patent attorney services. Our patent attorney practice focuses on the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and chemical sectors. In the patent area, our legal practice provides assistance in relation to all aspects of patent advice, litigation and commercialisation.
What distinguishes you from other firms in your country: 
We are an integrated practice that provides advice and representation in all aspects of intellectual property law. As an integrated practice, we assist our clients in creating intellectual property rights and strategies, through to commercialising those rights and enforcing them (or, where applicable, defending our clients against allegations of infringement) through the Courts and various specialist intellectual property tribunals. We also carry out and advise on intellectual property searches and on the validity of intellectual property rights.
What do you expect from Eurojuris: 
We look forward to participating in a network of colleagues from around the world, who share similar interests and views on professional practice, to our own. In doing so, we look forward to sharing our experiences in our own firm with others, and to learning from our colleagues’ experience and knowledge. We also hope that our involvement in Eurojuris will open new sources of instructions not only for our own firm, but also for us to be able to refer work to high quality practitioners in other parts of the world.

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