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14F, Citigroup Tower, 33 Hua Yuan Shi Qiao Road, Shanghai, 200120, China
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Why did you choose to become a member of Eurojuris International: 
Eurojuris International can provide a perfect platform of cooperation among the group members on the cross-border benefits in legal services which are tailored for clients’ needs in the way of high quality, security and convenience. Also events arrangement by Eurojuris can promote exchange and understanding among all members from different countries with diverse cultures, sharing various sub-industries data and information in the purpose of improvement regarding law firm’s management level and lawyers’ professional level as well.
What kind of clients do you work with: 
(1) Where above 90% of clients are attributed to corporate clients, and 10% of which are private; (2) Where 70% of clients are attributed to Chinese, and 30% of which are foreigners; (3) Where 10% of corporate clients act as large-scale or listed company, 70% of which act as medium-sized or medium-to-large, and 20% of which act as small size; (4) Scope that our clients are engaged in: finance & securities, construction &real estate, manufacture & commercial services, all domains of shipping.
What distinguishes you from other firms in your country: 
(1) CENLAW is located in Shanghai which has been known as the economic center of China; (2) Medium-sized law firm that can provide cross-border legal services; (3) Specialized in legal services of all directions; (4) Possess a large number of experiences in cross-border legal services.
What do you expect from Eurojuris: 
We desire to cooperate with law firms and lawyers, the members in EUROJURIS in the following domains: To provide professional, secure and convenient legal service for Chinese enterprises and privates in regard to making investment and trade in Europe; To offer legal services to help European enterprises and privates who have the will to make investment and trade in China; Jointly promote the progress of communication and development in economy and culture between China and Europe.

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