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Why did you choose to become a member of Eurojuris International: 
As the law firm experienced that the clients are dealing and wheeling abroad we understood we have to follow and travel around with them. Once abroad or even within the own borders you immediately understand that it’s required depending of the place and or subject of the business to have a back-up and final local verification of the proposed advises and contracts in order to be sure of the feasibility of the project and all is coping with the local legislation and procedures. By Eurojuris you have immediate access to a trustworthy European network with personal links worldwide.
What kind of clients do you work with: 
The law firm is meanly busy for and advising small and medium sized enterprises.
What distinguishes you from other firms in your country: 
Flexibility and ability to adapt within shortest notice to new needs or askings from the clients. To be able to accompany the clients and share their ideas, help to think with them in a constructive way.
What do you expect from Eurojuris: 
To grow and get stronger and on the long run going worldwide, to be a brand name meaning trustworthy and efficient.

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