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Eurojuris International has been a leading network of independent law firms in Europe since 1992. With some 600 firms and about 5 000 lawyers, we cover 650 cities in about 50 countries worldwide. The main objective of Eurojuris International is to provide its member firms with a unique international legal network that meets the growing demands of clients.

Eurojuris provides all member law firms with an international members directory. All EUROJURIS law firms are well-established and reputable firms in their own community. They are carefully selected and abide by defined quality standards related to fees, mandatory professional indemnity insurance, knowledge of foreign languages, promptness and confidentiality. All firms maintain their professional independence as well.

Member firms can:

  • develop business links with other Eurojuris member firms;
  • publish articles on the Eurojuris website,, (30,000 visitors/year);
  • provide articles for the Eurojuris Newsletters;
  • take part in Practice Groups; and
  • set up a stand to promote your country and firm during the Eurojuris annual Congress.

In return, Eurojuris requests:

  • compliance with Eurojuris quality rules; and
  • payment of the annual membership fee (between 1500 € and 3500 € according to the gnp of the country and the amount of lawyers).

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