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New frontiers for an international lawyers network: Eurojuris International

New frontiers for an international lawyers network: Eurojuris International

Marketude, a marketing consulting company for professionals, who for years cooperates with Eurojuris Italy, conducted a study to learn about mutual expectations that can arise in relationships between customers and professionals such as lawyers and accountants, with particular attention to corporate customers. From that research interesting results have emerged, the first of which is that the price is not one of the essential data for the appointment of the professional, as well it arisen that often matures a disappointment between the parties due to the many seemingly minor issues, reasons for continuing misunderstandings. To get more details you can visit the website or contact Avv. Bembo of Eurojuris Italy in Milan. Given this premise it was interesting to find a practical application of this search and develop the reasons for such a dissatisfaction. A special investigation conducted by Avv. Bembo with its customers that normally turn their business abroad, has given further interesting results. The question posed was what would be the possible advantages that companies could find with a lawyer organized in Eurojuris International.

Here we have the reply of Dr. Cadonici, for example. He is an entrepreneur in a company based in Parma specialized in the pasta production without allergenic as to be considered as a food production base for nutrigenomics, who is organized in an Export Consortium present with its own offices and warehouses in London and Bradford, with similar upcoming openings in Dubai, Singapore, New York and with commercial activities in Malta, Sweden, Great Britain, Spain, Iran, Ethiopia, Ivory Coast, thus promoting the development of the Made in Italy in the food industry (food and wine and food processing), where there is strong growth.

It is one of the examples of export-rated Italian entrepreneurial cooperation which can guarantee the quality of production chains of products exported by the individual member companies, which of course multiply the opportunities for exchanges and partnerships.

Dr. Cadonici replied that he believes that a network like Eurojuris and therefore their associated lawyers today has great potential, especially for enterprises organized in an aggregate way.

In fact, Cadonici says there is a competition of an excessive number of domestic and/or international consultants of which there is still no way to verify the technical reliability / quality, but with often high costs and without any added value.

In such a situation an Eurojuris lawyer could overcome these obstacles and offer undoubted advantages compared to competitors in the market: on on the one hand the attendance and continuous activity in the lawyer associated networks are indices of the recognition of a global reliability, which is worth more than any abstract certification. On the other hand, even more important are the opportunities that an associate attorney of a large international network might offer combining legal activity that support the needs of their respective customers in finding partners in their business operations and/or investment abroad.

In this way, the real plus of this network would be in the physical location in the target countries of any entrepreneur voted to export constituting a key point for the daily operations and corporate perspective.

In a turbulent world situation, the flooding of the opportunities for exchanges for excess in supply and speculation, to have the availability of a resource established in the area with skills, relationships and proactive approaches towards the business are the real key to the entrepreneur. In fact, through its international lawyer the entrepreneur will have access to opportunities to have meetings with selected partners thanks to Eurojuris’s lawyers and with greater assurance of being able to operate from the outset in an environment legally assured by our professional. In short, a lawyer in an international network can give a great contribution to the economy of its territory by opening the doors of preferential and secured commercial contacts, certainly business cross-border or international accelerators in addition to ensuring secure relationships, legally.

It is a different and innovative approach that perhaps not everyone is ready to take in Eurojuris, but that Eurojuris has already checked with positive results in the IBG group experience that it is time to expand and extend, diversifying in the sense above to all associated of Eurojuris.

Italy is also in strong transformation in order to secure more and more foreign investment, especially in real estate (the market has costs at a minimum rate, with special deals for luxury properties) and in industry, operating with great efforts to give certainty to the law, to speed up the judicial proceedings and the short the time for the recovery of debts.

To this trend must be added the commercial data that record the increase in export values, especially in the food sector more than in the manufacturing, mechanical, fashion and design, with entry into the world market of new players in the search for partnerships.

In conclusion it is time that the Eurojuris lawyers play an active role to respond to this call from the business players, which are believed to have a shared and similar need in all countries, by encouraging the meeting and the search for partners among companies operating internationally.

There is no doubt that if the Eurojuris lawyers will take this challenge they will have all advantages and the network new benefits.

In order to stimulate this innovation in the role of the Eurojuris lawyer and to present the activity of the entrepreneur who supported this search, here is a short statement of the company of Dr. Cadonici who is looking for partners for the dissemination of its products in Europe, USA and South America. Partners can be importers, production companies interested in add products to their catalog or to start production on site, investors.


Amaranto pasta - food and health

Produced by a young company seated in Salsomaggiore who, with knowledge and creativity, has developed an innovative line of pasta, in various forms: fresh, dried, stuffed. Totally free of allergens (no gluten, no egg, no lactose, no mono and diglycerides). With even certified organic and vegan versions. Something new 'world! integrated pulp fibers and vitamins with the addition of vegetables and legumes; in this way with a very low glycemic index. Incidentally delicious.

The Amaranto line was presented at the EXPO Milano 2015 in all participating countries.
Next launch the novelty of fried dough, a kind of perfect snack for aperitifs, for munching in walking, leisure and relationship time.


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