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Meet Iris Brokamp, business development and marketing adviser to Eurojuris Germany

Meet Iris Brokamp, business development and marketing adviser to Eurojuris Germany

In 2017, Iris Brokamp has joined Eurojuris Germany as an external adviser to the network. Together with the board and member law firms, she works on the further development of EJ Germany’s brand and market presence. However, Iris is not a real newbie to Eurojuris: In her former life as a lawyer she worked at v. Einem & Partner in Bremen, one of Eurojuris’ long standing members in Germany, and had the chance to participate in various Jurismus and Eurojuris activities during this time.


What do you appreciate most about our network?

“Eurojuris is not only a very professional network with highly skilled lawyers all around Europe and beyond. It is also a network of trust that creates reliable relationships and sometimes even friendships between its members. This is a quality that is not self-evident in the legal world and a real asset for everyone who works with Eurojuris: not only lawyers, but also clients benefit from the mutual understanding and the seamless cooperation between lawyers from different cities and countries.”


Can you globally describe your specialities & profile?

“After acting as a lawyer for several years, I shifted priorities and specialized on the increasingly important business development and marketing aspects of the legal world. I worked as marketing, business development and communications manager in international law firms in Brussels, Frankfurt and Hamburg until I started my own business in the legal marketing field two years ago. I help law firms to enhance market presence and client approach as well as to better structure business and office management, depending on the individual case. And my work experience as a lawyer does help a lot: In my profession it’s truly beneficial to know the market and understand the business from a lawyer’s point of view.”


What are your working goals for Eurojuris Germany?

“Our focus lies on Eurojuris’ members in Germany. We are working on the internal communication between our member firms as well as external communication of the network including our online presence. We are also striving to acquire new members, especially in regions in which we are so far slightly underrepresented. We also want to increasingly establish Eurojuris Germany as a service provider for our members: This means facilitating beneficial agreements with legal associations and service companies, providing regular trainings and at the same time offering individual support for quality management, marketing and business development. We want our members to benefit more from the network and, of course, enjoy being with Eurojuris!”


Tell us about yourself?

“I live in the beautiful city of Bremen in northern Germany, home of the Bremen Town Musicians, Werder Bremen and Beck’s beer. The area is pretty flat – ideal for inline skating which I passionately do during spring and summer time – and located close to the sea. During the warmer months it is lovely to spend some windy (and yes, sometimes even sunny!) weekends at the coast. Not so good if you like skiing as well, but I try to travel to the Austrian Alps at least once a year to hit the slopes.”


Will you be joining us at our Congress in Lisbon in May?

“I would love to attend the Congress in beautiful Lisbon, however, have a different appointment scheduled during this time. But since I remember Eurojuris’ events as very nicely organised and excellent networking opportunities, I will absolutely try to join you next time in Brussels!”

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