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Birthday Wishes from Bucharest

Birthday Wishes from Bucharest

This month we talked to Cristina Trelea of Law Firm Trelea Cristina in Bucharest. The dynamic and passionate professional sends cordial birthday wishes to Eurojuris. While others enjoy a beautiful autumn day, Cristina admits, “Sometimes I wonder what weather it is. All too frequently, I only see the outside in the morning and in the evening when I leave the office. In between, it’s like I’m in a black hole. But in a good way!”

With her hands-on mentality she is the person establishing new goals and following them, not having much time to think about side issues. That has always been the case: during law school and later when she established the law firm. Yet, Cristina stresses, “I just followed my dream. Today, however, is more difficult.” She illustrates this by an example, “this year, a collaborator of our law firm passed the bar exam successfully. But, within our bar association, as few as two were admitted to the bar in total.” That is tough!

Then she continues telling us about her Eurojuris experience: “My first contact with Eurojuris was in Prague, in 2004, and I was impressed by the Members, the topics, the atmosphere in Prague...” Later on, my law firm joined the network and has been actively involved ever since. “We have attended at least one meeting per year so far, starting with Dublin (2012) and after London, Hague, Vienna, Milan, Helsinki, Marseilles and Lisbon (2017). After becoming a member, we made friends, and connected with lawyers from all around.” Cristina points out, “Truly, we have reason to be grateful to Eurojuris. Besides professional networking, part of our clients is coming from my colleges within the network. Members get in touch with us for information or to solve legal issues with regard to Romanian law.”

As to the future development of Eurojuris, she notes, “So far, so good. The network should maintain its role, but always looking and moving forward, keeping up with the technological progress. Certainly, it would be a success to remain what it is today, a reliable support, a secure way to look across to others.” Further, Cristina emphasises, “As lawyers, we come from a conservative, old profession. But the working environment is always changing. It is not waiting for us, we have to catch up with it!”

“We have to make the most of the synergy potential within Eurojuris!” Right now, her law firm is participating in the project. The involvement in this project was possible due to the existence of Eurojuris. “This project helps me, and by extension, it helps Eurojuris. We have to remember, ‘each member is Eurojuris!’”

Cristina concludes by saying, “We, myself and my collaborators, are thankful for being part of the network and wish you, Eurojuris, Happy Birthday!”



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