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Announcing the Eurojuris Practice Groups And Training Days in Stockholm

Announcing the Eurojuris Practice Groups And Training Days in Stockholm

The countdown has started: from 10 – 13 of May 2018 we invite you to be part of a 3-day journey offering 10 different Practice Groups sessions. Being dedicated to the exchange of legal and business practices, the event strives to provide every participant with specialised quality training. We understand that networking is one of the leading reasons for attending a business event. Therefore, a big part of this year‘ s agenda will help you get connected.

For the first time, Stockholm is hosting the Practice Groups Days. The charm of its setting lies in the intermingling of land and water as it rests on a number of islands and peninsulas. ‘The beauty on water’ offers a peaceful and yet modern and dynamic venue, providing everything we were looking for and more.

Opening the meeting on Thursday, the Welcome Gathering takes place at the rooftop bar at the Clarion Hotel. Located in central Stockholm, close to shopping, theatres, restaurants, clubs and bars, the hotel interior features amazing design. Decide whether you would like to stay on the Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish or Danish floor. On Friday, the Practice Groups are in the primary focus. From 10 am to 4 pm participants will come together in 10 specialised groups. 

Eurojuris Magazine talked to Sigrun Sagedahl of Projure Advokatfirma DA in Norway and chairman of the ‘Employment Group’ to receive an update on the upcoming meeting. ‘We want to keep the group innovative. Reforms are necessary to catch up. Therefore, the employment group is ‘rebooted’’, Sigrun explains and continues, ‘the Practise Days in Stockholm will provide the right setting for the group’s two key objectives: welcoming new members and establishing a solid base for future collaboration.’ With limited time on hand, Sigrun will make the most of it: having lunch together as a group will provide a beneficial opportunity for further exchange.

Confirmed guest speaker Mrs Kerstin Ahlberg will enrich the session with her speech ‘The European Pillar of Social Rights – more than just ‘soft law’’. Mrs Ahlberg, a lawyer and journalist, specialising in the interplay between EU law and EU policy, and Nordic countries’ national labour law, is the editor of the Nordic newsletter ‘EU & Labour Law’. Her speech will certainly shape the session’s focus. Yet another important goal is the identification of actual joint topics and working areas. ‘Overall, mutual assistance will lead to mutual benefits’, Sigrun emphasises and underlines, ’I invite everyone to our practise group session!’

We understand that opportunities for networking are just as important as the educational content. Free time and side events encourage participants to further engage with one another. For this reason, we created extra space for networking as we do not want to leave it to chance.

Are you into sports? 'Jogging – follow your board' goes into the next round: on Friday morning we like to invite you to take part in the morning jogging together. By tradition, a football tournament will be held – join the team!

On Friday evening, the Fem Sma Hus, a first class restaurant serving a mixture of Swedish cuisine with a French touch, awaits you. Remarkably, the restaurant’s seven beautiful vaulted cellars extend under five houses. Concluding the meeting, the evening event on Saturday leads us to the countryside, to beautiful Vinterviken. There lays the old factory of Alfred Nobel, which will be an excellent location for our closing dinner.

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Please mind: you will notice that the Thursday night is included in the package, should you arrive on Friday, then tick the box to deduct the price of the first dinner.



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