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Let’s give it up for the Award Winner of ‘Amigo de la Marca España’, Bert Dehandschutter!

Let’s give it up for the Award Winner of ‘Amigo de la Marca España’, Bert Dehandschutter!

Eurojuris member Bert Dehandschutter of Racine in Brussels received an award for assisting Spanish companies doing business in Belgium and Belgian companies doing business in Spain. To Bert, this came as a big surprise. During our interview he shares with us, ‘I did not expect this at all!’

For the first time, the Official Chamber of Commerce of Spain in Belgium and Luxembourg recognised the work of the ‘Friends of the Brand Spain’ - ‘Amigos de la Marca España’. The prizes were awarded for the ninth time, after they had been presented in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Moscow, London, Miami, Tokyo, Dubai and Mexico.

The gala dinner in Brussels was a collaboration between the Official Chamber of Commerce of Spain in Belgium and Luxembourg, the Embassy of Spain in Brussels, the Leading Brands of Spain Forum, and Marca España. Awards went to people working in tourism, business, and the cultural sector. All winners received an exclusive award, designed by the firm ‘Lladró’, symbolising the friendship between Spain and Belgium.

Bert Dehandschutter had the honour of representing all laureates in his acceptance speech. He expressed his gratitude for the recognition of their individual professional relationship with Spain, whether in the economic or cultural sector. In his speech he underlined, ‘all award winners take great pride in this reward, it is as pleasant as it is unexpected.’

At Racine, his work focuses on Insolvency Law, as he is also an insolvency practitioner, and on business relations between Belgium and Spain. Bert laid the focus on these practise areas during his studies. He is both a member of the Spanish and Belgium Chamber of Commerce, and a member of the Bar in Brussels and also in Pamplona, Spain. Along with it, Bert has the right languages skills for international collaborations as he speaks Dutch, English, French, and Spanish.

When working with Spanish companies, he is in close contact with Eurojuris Spain and its members. Clients and companies are either working in Belgium on a temporary basis, as subcontractors, have branch offices, or subsidiaries there. Also, Spanish law firms require assistance in Belgium Law because their offices in Brussels focus mainly on EU Law.

Because of the past economic crisis, Spanish companies had to look for new business opportunities abroad. Many internationalised their operations from scratch. One typical challenge that Spanish companies face is the language barrier: Belgium has three official languages: French, Dutch, and German. A lot of business is done in Flanders, where the official language is Dutch. ‘This often comes as a surprise to Spanish companies,’ Bert says and explains, ‘while the business can be done in English, the paperwork requires to be done in the regions' official language.’

During our conversation, Bert pays his Spanish clients and partners high compliments. ‘I value the collaboration a lot! The relationship is close, less formal and there is always a good atmosphere,’ he emphasises and concludes, ‘it is always a pleasure to work with Spanish clients.’


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