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GO abroad, MARKET your firm – JUMP!

GO abroad, MARKET your firm – JUMP!

This month we present to you the JUMP EXCHANGE PROGRAMME. Not only is it an easy way to go abroad, explore, and market your firm. You should also consider slipping into the role of the host firm to raise your firm’s profile.

For all of us, meetings, conferences, and congresses have become an integral part of our professional life. With JUMP - the JUrismus Marketing Partnership - Young Eurojuris members who are part of Jurismus can now upgrade their networking. This individual exchange programme promotes Jurismusers to exchange with colleagues in other countries and to market their law firms during their stay of a minimum of 2 to 3 days.

Direct exchange is not mandatory. It is encouraged, when possible, but both JUMPERS and host firms can register individually. Jurismus will match you with a partner that suits your need best.

What are the benefits?

‘The main point is to strengthen your international contacts,’ Sophie Hearle explains. Sophie is a board member of Jurismus, and an English private client solicitor at Ashtons Legal who deals with cross border inheritance matters and has a specialism in Franco-British estate planning and successions. ‘Having one of your lawyers spending a week in another law firm means customised marketing, and at my firm, for example, it would be invaluable in attracting foreign law firms and their clients to instruct us on questions of English law’, Sophie stresses. She specifies the advantages of each participating party:

It is a win-win-win situation:

  • the JUMPER: gains additional knowledge, a new intellectual approach, and contacts

  • the HOST FIRM: markets itself to the Jurismuser’s firm, it can present the working areas where it can collaborate, the exchange creates additional exposure within the local network when bringing someone along and showing strong international contacts

  • the JURISMUSER’S FIRM: communicates its name and brand, and expands its network of contacts

Where can I go?

Better ask yourself: where do I want to go? So far, Jumpers have tended to exchange with firms where a link exists already: the language, the area of work, a particular jurisdiction. Sophie adds, ‘we are currently preparing a list of host firms who want to welcome a Jurismuser.’

What is the programme design?

The individual stay is designed based on the ambition of the participants. It can include face-to-face meetings, court experiences, or be research-based.

Possibilities are:

  • meeting with an existing or with a potential client

  • congress of interest to introduce the lawyer to potential clients

  • court visits

  • visit a cooperative

What requirements do I have to meet?

‘We want the trip to have real substance to it,’ Sophie stresses. A few compulsory requirements ensure the professional advancement of all participants:

  • the completion of an application form setting out a short description of the marketing measures planned with the host firm

  • the host organises at least one meeting with a client or business contact

  • participants provide a written report of their experiences

Don’t forget: Jurismus and Eurojuris International are there to assist you in every step of the process!

What about financial support?

Eurojuris International supports JUMP financially. Costs up to 250 EUR for each participant, i.e. 500 EUR in total for a direct exchange, will be compensated through a travel cost fund.

When can I get started?

With no deadlines, you can submit your application form to the Jurismus Board anytime. More important is good communication between the host firm and the Jurismuser: they will benefit most when proposing a plan and formulating the intended gains together.

Are you interested? Contact us today!




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