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Olivier VIBERT

Olivier VIBERT Avocat au barreau de Paris
PARIS, France

Eurojuris international builds a strong mutual trust between its members. Thanks to these close ties, our firm is able to offer to its clients a high level legal assistance around the world with colleagues we personally know and trust.

Stepan HOLUB

Holubova advokati s.r.o.
Praha 8, Czech Republic

Eurojuris has always been a great source of knowledgable lawyers from all around the world.


Proksch & Partner Rechtsanwälte OG
WIEN, Austria

I feel fortunate to be a member of this global network. For me, the most important benefits are the personal contacts and wonderful experiences during the biannual congresses. I sincerely enjoy meeting and working together with my colleagues at Eurojuris.

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Stefan Daubner

Henseler & Partner Rechtsanwälte mbB
Düsseldorf, Germany

If there was no Eurojuris International it would have to be invented. Our clients increasingly demand experience and legal solution in cross-border cases. Eurojuris International provides us with experienced specialists we can cooperate with in most of the relevant countries worldwide. Because of the personal exchange the threshold for getting into contact is low and the motivation to achieve the best for the mutual client is huge. It is a win-win-win situation.

Francesco RUBINO

Morri Rossetti
Milan, Italy

Eurojuris gives clients the confidence to trust us, confirming our international competence and ability to tackle difficult transnational challenges. Being part of an international network like this is crucial in terms of business opportunities.

Benefits for members

More business through networking

Expand your horizons and client base with our vast network of legal professionals. Our members enjoy increased business opportunities, collaborations, and partnerships, driving growth and success in their practices.

Our international lawyers

Knowledge transfer and trainings

Stay ahead in the legal landscape with access to a wealth of resources. Members benefit from ongoing knowledge transfer, expert insights, and a variety of training programs tailored to enhance expertise and skills.

Our practice groups

Jurismus - young lawyers' network

Step into a vibrant community designed for the next generation of legal minds. Jurismus empowers young lawyers, offering a platform to connect, learn, and grow together in a dynamic and supportive environment.

Learn more about Jurismus

Co-operations and third party discounts

Enjoy exclusive privileges that extend beyond the courtroom. Membership grants you access to a range of special discounts and offers from our partners, adding value to your professional and personal life.

Our cooperations

Become a Member

Apply your skills, diligence and potential

We at Eurojuris have one goal: to provide our member firms with a unique international legal network that meets the growing demands of the 21st century.

Become an active part of Eurojuris, benefit from the network and meet with your colleagues at members-only events. Eurojuris International members meet twice a year: at the Practice Groups and Training Days in May and at the Annual Congress in October. Overall, Eurojuris organises about 100 events/training days every year.

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Benefits for Members

  • Strong business links with other Eurojuris members
  • A “safe pair of hands” for referral business
  • Become a member of the Eurojuris Practice Groups
  • Take part in regular Eurojuris meetings
  • Benefit from training sessions on the latest legal issues
  • Attend our social, cultural and sports events
  • Get active in Jurismus: the active network of young lawyers under 40
  • Benefit from the third-party discounts
  • Network, connect with colleagues and share your expertise
  • Expand your reach and offer your clients services on an international level


  1. compliance with Eurojuris Quality Protocol and

  2. payment of the annual membership fee (between 1500 € and 3500 € according to the gnp of the country and the number of lawyers).

    Application Process


    Application Form

    Start the evaluation process by completing and submitting the Eurojuris International application form. The form will be forwarded to the Eurojuris International Board.


    Telephone Interview

    A telephone interview with a board member is arranged. The board member reports to the board.


    Decision by the Board

    The Board decides within 15 days. After a positive decision, you will receive an invoice for your membership fee.


    Active Membership

    Once the membership fee has been paid, the membership is active, and your contact details are uploaded to the website and to the membership directory.


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