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1st Jurismus Academy Webinar

Dear Jurismussers,

In our legal world, first impressions count immensely, and sometimes, you only have a minute to make them. Our first Jurismus Academy session presented by Iris Brokamp gave an insight on how to create an elevator pitch, a webinar specially tailored for legal professionals who understand the importance of making a powerful impact.

Whether you’re seeking new clients, presenting a case, or making vital connections, mastering the art of the elevator pitch can set you apart in a crowded field. Our participants discovered:

  • When and where to use your elevator pitch,
  • Insights into what decision-makers truly want to hear,
  • Real-life examples of successful elevator pitches.

The webinar concluded with a checklist of 10 steps for creating a successful pitch and making it a true fun experience.

Thank you for joining us and for your wonderful feedback! We hope to see you again at our next session in spring - more information to come soon!

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