Events and Training

Eurojuris Norway Autumn Meeting

· Hotel Bristol


09.30-10.00 Registration at Hotel Bristol

10.00-10.30 Welcome and opening of the Autumn Meeting

10.30-11.30 About leadership, job satisfaction and employeeship:

Solfrid Flateby, former senior manager and leadership mentor

11.45-13.00 Presentasjonsteknikk

The main part of the course will be a lecture, but we will organise questions, simple exercises and discussions during or after the course. Carl Andrè Christensen

13.00-13.45 LUNCH AT THE HOTEL

13.45-14.45 What does artificial intelligence mean for the legal profession?Morten Goodwin, Professor of AI at UiA


15.00-17.30 Specialised group meetings

- Personal law (chair: Monica Melgård (Halvorsen)

- Corporate and tax law (chair: Karl Kristian Lofstad, Tofte)

- Real estate (chair: Kristine Celius, Tollefsen)

- Construction (leader: Lars Harald Rylandsholm, Alver)

- Labour law (leader: Marianne Rodvelt, Hald)

- Bankruptcy and insolvency (leader: Christer Tryti-Almquist, SN)

- Employees (leader: Linda Tanum, SN)


Staff meeting


Workshop on the Getting Things Done methodology

by Morten Røvik from Vital Learning AS

GTD is, in short, a methodology for personal productivity, where you learn a set of coherent habits that change the way you receive, process and organise your commitments. Those who start with GTD report less stress, more control and a better overview shortly after they have started practising the habits.

19.30  Aperitif and festive dinner at Hotel Bristol

followed by music and dancing by Bjørvika Business Band Antrekk:

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