Jurismus – Young Lawyers

Professional and social network for lawyers up to 40. Worldwide.

Young lawyers meet at our international and national network events to get to know each other, exchange ideas and establish new contacts. Our Jurismussers benefit from professional exchange as well as sustainable working relationships that start out within the network. These connections often remain active beyond the Jurismus membership and frequently develop into real friendships.

Our objectives:

  • Establishing an extensive social and professional international network for young lawyers
  • Promoting and facilitating B2B between young lawyers
  • Improving young lawyers' personal, professional and intercultural qualifications through training, debate forums, and high quality academic programmes
  • Being the gateway for young lawyers to Eurojuris International and facilitating young lawyers' entrance into the network and its specialist groups

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"Welcome to Jurismus, where we are all about empowering the next generation of lawyers. We bring together young lawyers from firms within Eurojuris to fuel professional growth, cross-cultural experiences, and networking opportunities. Join one of our training events or Congresses and take your legal journey to new heights!"

Miriam Porcar Valverde, President Jurismus International

Good reasons to attend our events:


  • Get in contact with local economic actors
  • Build new international relationships
  • Meet European and international lawyers in a warm and welcoming environment

Our Events

We put together programmes filled with professional and educational activities. This includes practical workshops on the legal profession, advice from local business leaders and guidance on how to develop your professional skills, such as networking, targeting clients, personal agility and the use of legal tech. And: There is always plenty of time to network and have a good time together.

We hold an annual congress where our members from across the world can meet in person. Click below to see our upcoming and past congresses.

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  • Practical workshops
  • Ideas on local and worldwide business development
  • Personal development through exchange with other lawyers


  • Getting to know different European cities during the Jurismus annual congress
  • Exploring new business markets
  • Enjoying cultural visits and discovery of local traditions

JUMP - JUrismus Marketing Partnership

What is it?

  • The JUrismus Marketing Partnership is an exchange program offered to young Eurojuris lawyers who are part of Jurismus (‘Jurismussers’).
  • Direct exchange is not mandatory. It is encouraged, where possible, but both Jurismussers and host firms can register individually.
  • Jurismus will match you with a partner that suits your needs best.

What are the aims?

  • To encourage Jurismussers to exchange with their colleagues in other countries, to market their law firms during their stay and to help them and their firm strengthen their international contacts.
  • To enable host firms to market themselves to the Jurismusser and their firm, and to present areas of possible collaboration. The program can also increase the host firm’s exposure within its local network by demonstrating its strong international contacts, for example during business meetings or visits to the local chamber of commerce.

What is involved?

  • The exchange should be for a minimum of 2-3 days.
  • The program during the stay is very individual and is based upon the intention and ambition of the participating lawyers and the host firm. It can include face-to-face meetings, court experiences, or be research-based.

Is there any funding?

  • Eurojuris International supports JUMP via a travel cost fund and will reimburse up to 250 EUR for each participant i.e. 500 EUR in total for a direct exchange.

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Example Jump Programme

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