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KOZLOWSKI Rechts-und Steuerberatung - Szczecin

KOZLOWSKI Rechts-und Steuerberatung - Szczecin

al. Niepodległości 31/3, Szczecin, 70-412 Szczecin, Poland

About the law firm

KOZLOWSKI is a law and a tax firm providing a comprehensive and qualified legal service to private and commercial clients who require legal advice and assistance in Poland or Germany. Our firm, based in Berlin, Warsaw and Szczecin, represents and supports especially international companies from Germany and Poland on both sides of the border. Our German and Polish barristers, as well as legal and tax advisors, specialise in German, Polish, and international business law. On account of that, we provide legal advice in various important areas to our clients from the German- speaking countries, such as: European law and international business law, the Polish commercial law, the Polish contract law, the Polish distribution law, the Polish company law, the Polish labour law, international as well as Polish and German tax law, the company's sales under Polish commercial law, receivables management and the enforcement of claims in Poland, before a Polish court, and the Polish real estate law in the context of purchase of real estate in Poland. As a result of an establishment of branches of our law firm in Poland and Germany, as well as through cooperation with other tax consultants, lawyers and notaries in Poland and Germany we provide our international clients with competent and efficient legal assistance. Polish, English and German-speaking lawyers have completed their training in Germany or Poland and are also competent in German Polish and international law. We advise our clients starting from the foundation of a branch through its development and restructuring until the sale or liquidation. Our experts in cross-border business law support the activities of our clients.



Jadwiga Urban-Kozlowska




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