SPRL Gooris A

Brussels, Belgium

Areas of practice

Civil law
Commercial relations and contracts

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Message to colleagues and clients

Our law firm focuses primarily on companies and businesses (recuperation of bills, commercial transactions, contract law, etc..). Other clients include insurance companies as well as logistics and transport firms.

Professional Values and Law Firm Culture

We expect Eurojuris to continue, as she has done successfully in the past, to provide close cooperation and support between its members.


The international dimension of a law firm cannot be underestimated, especially in the light of the rise in transnational legal disputes. With a great number of legal systems co-existing and the rapid development of certain areas of law, now more than ever it is of increasing importance to be part of a larger network. Eurojuris provides this opportunity, acting not only as a forum of expertise exchange between fellow lawyers, but also offering the necessary support and guaranteeing the quality of our foreign correspondents.

Expertise and professional education

This firm provides a very personal and direct approach to legal issues, based on close cooperation between client and lawyer. We aim to provide quality legal services at a reasonable price, whilst upholding high Eurojuris standards. Finding solutions to legal disputes through common sense and practical insight is one of the founding pillars of our office.

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