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Bob specialises in solving complex legal problems involving all sorts of underlying interests and emotions, sometimes invisible to the eye but bubbling away under the surface. The problems in questions range from business and professional issues with an emotional undertone – such as work-related conflicts and conflicts involving company directors, owners and other business partners – to emotional issues with a legal and financial dimension, such as divorce. His services for business owners and company directors range from strategic coaching to litigating, the aim in all cases being to ensure that they get what they want. Bob combines his legal expertise with a thorough grounding in psychology and communication skills. “As a professional listener, I have an ear for concealed interests, latent emotions and misread intentions. At the same time, I can also inject an rational approach into previously emotive issues. My experience is that this helps to create space for a solution to present itself more rapidly than would otherwise be the case.” Bob prefers pursuing a strategy that is carefully attuned to the case in hand. Whether mounting a fierce attack or a robust defence, his aim at all times is to strike the best possible balance between emotional and rational aspects. Practices: Employment law Family law Specialisms: Mediation and employment law Divorce and mediation Employment law implications of mergers and acquisitions Employment and management contracts Company directors Sectors: Family businesses

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