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Our clients are usually foreign companies which are interested in starting businesses in Brazil or have any legal demand before Brazilian authorities. In this sense, depending on the personal profile of the client and on the particular traits of his needs the services provided may vary, being either a consultancy or a litigation support one. We’d like to stress that our law firm have professionals specialized in almost all areas of commercial law, since tax litigation and consultancy from banking law, mergers and acquisitions and international trade.

Professional Values and Law Firm Culture

Eurojuris is an efficient and quickly way of getting in touch with law professionals from Europe and also knowing their current needs. In this way, we expect that Eurojuris is able to help us developing partnerships all over Europe, in order to create a network relationship.


The XXI century lawyer has to be connected with what happens besides the limits of his own country, so that he may answer the demands of a globalized world. In this sense, it is important to be able to offer services for clients from different nationalities and at the same time to interchange knowledge and experience with law professionals from others countries. Due to this current need, it is essential to develop relationships based on confidence and in this way, we believe that Eurojuris International plays an important role in proving a reliable net of communication among lawyers and more than that in helping us to offer better services for our clients.

Expertise and professional education

As pointed out before, we believe that a complete law firm is made by relationships based on confidence and respect. These are the values which surround our law firm’s actions as dealing with people and companies from all over the world requires a high level of respect for different cultures. In this sense, what distinguishes us from other law firms is our dedication to the clients and to their special needs with the providing of personal and business-oriented services in a quickly and efficient way.

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