Corporate & Tax Law


Formerly known as the Eurojuris Mergers & Acquisition Group, the Corporate Group focuses on cross-border issues in the field of corporate law.

Meeting at least twice a year, its members exchange information about handling cross-border mergers, the setting up of subsidiaries and other entities, including basic tax questions arising from daily advise to medium-sized companies. The impact of recent European Court decisions in the evolution of corporate law in some member states have been a major aspect of the discussions in the past two years. Short reports by the members of the group on major corporate law issues in their countries complete the regular meetings.

As the advice requested by clients includes not only the legal aspects of cross-border deals, each year the Corporate Group invites an external, non-legal speaker to provide an expert analysis of the local mergers & acquisitions market.

The group plans to meet with other Eurojuris practice groups to exchange information which can be used in merger transaction documents, due diligence etc.