Insolvency, Restructuring and Banking

Insolvency, Restructuring and Banking

The Eurojuris PG "Insolvency" was founded in April, 2002, in Linz, Austria, by former chairman of Eurojuris Austria, member of Eurojuris International, Richard Proksch.

The impetus to found this PG was the fact that the EU-Council Regulation Nr.1346/2000 of May 29th, 2000, came into force on the 31st of May, 2002, and became a binding collection of rules for every Insolvency proceeding having any cross-aspect, and which, since then, both lawyers and judges have had to observe.  

This PG has therefore always tried to look at academic questions as well as at practical matters, and to several meetings we invited guests like judges dealing with Insolvency proceedings or guest speakers like university professor Alfred Burgstaller, Linz, who gave the initial speech about the above mentioned regulation.

Meetings in Vienna, Nice, Brussels, Sevilla, Sorrento, Prague and Porto have already taken place, and they were joined by Eurojuris members from Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain and the U.K. At the moment the cahirman of the group is Sjoerd Tilman from the Netherlands.

The aims of the PG Insolvency law are international information and exchange of ideas about Insolvency law systems and proceedings between Eurojuris members who are experts practising in this field. The PG should be a platform to speak about recent developments in national law systems and personal experiences of each member, and furthermore to build a basis for international co-operation.

The information and relationships provided by the PG Insolvency is useful to lawyers being appointed liquidators, as well as for those representing and advising debtors or creditors.