Examples of AI use in Law

Practice Management

AI can assist in practices in recruiting by analysing candidate profiles and identifying the best matches for a firm. Numerous financial management tools are using AI in accounting processes, tracking billable hours, generating automatic invoices and assisting in financial planning. Client feedback and satisfaction can also be obtained with the use of AI. Practices can be supported with marketing using AI to generate social media posts and their management.

Legal Research

Large online research databases use AI to help lawyers find relevant case examples and some go further with AI providing case strategies based on the outcomes of previous similar cases, they can even predict litigation outcomes.

Voice Recognition

Dictation has been revolutionised by digital improvements and appointments and research can be conducted by voice, which is much quicker than typing. AI can find information in audio files very efficiently.

Predictive Coding in E-discovery

This technology will review and categorise large volumes of electronic documents based on learning algorithms. An algorithm is a set of rules to be followed in calculations by a computer. This is initially defined by the lawyer; AI would then apply this to all documents in the dataset. It's very useful in cases where there is a large amount of electronic evidence. Ediscovery is a digital investigation which would look for evidence in, for example, emails, or business documents for litigation or criminal proceedings.

Document Assembly

AI will automate the drafting of legal documents by using natural language learning and machine learning while reviewing templates and user inputs. This technology improves efficiency, and consistency and can be integrated with other legal systems. However, human review is essential to ensure accuracy and legal compliance.


AI chatbots can increase satisfaction with client service by improving operational efficiency. They can handle routine tasks and interactions 24x7. Chatbots can assist in asking clients questions and evaluating where the client can go next or what information they should be given.

Are lawyers ready or able to think like technologists? and bring the benefits of AI to their practices? Do you have technology not being utilised? Perhaps you are using AI without realising it? We would be interested to know your thoughts.

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