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5 Things You Want to Know About Affre i Wspólnicy Sp. K. – Our New Member in Poland

We welcome our new member Affre i Wspólnicy Sp. K. in Warsaw to the network! Marta Miszczuk, attorney-at-law and former President of Jurismus Polska, provides the answers to all our questions.

Could you describe Affre & Partners' specialities & clients?

Our boutique law firm is based on two pillars: 1) competition law, covering antitrust law, combating unfair competition and consumer law, and 2) intellectual property law. We advise clients on how to develop their distribution policy, counteract anti-competitive agreements and abuses of a dominant position, comply with provisions of consumer law, and how to combat unfair competition. In IP law, we provide assistance in trademark, industrial design and patent registrations, and in the protection of know-how, technology transfer and other IP rights. We also offer advice in other areas of practice. Our clients are active in various sectors, such as FMCG, e-commerce, IT, automotive industry, construction, insurance, banking, real estate development, tourism, and the media and advertisement sector. Most of our clients are companies, but we also advise individuals.

Would you like to introduce your team?

We are six attorneys working together at Affre & Partners:

JOANNA AFFRE is the founder and managing partner. She has developed specialist knowledge in competition law in the past 19 years. Being a fantastic speaker, she is one of the most wanted legal trainers and speakers for both legal conferences and training courses. Only recently, she has learnt to put the 'workaholic' on hold and to delegate work.

MARTA MISZCZUK, I, work as a patent attorney and attorney-at-law specialising in industrial property law and competition law. Due to my creative nature and my 'out of the box' thinking, I can create added value for my clients by providing expert legal solutions and recommendations. My team says that in stressful times, I am the calming influence at the law firm. I was the first President of Jurismus Polska, and I have participated in various Eurojuris Polska and Jurismus events.

PRZEMYSŁAW RYBICKI specialises in competition law and consumer law. The attorney takes our firm closer to the client by providing legal advice in a client-friendly, comprehensible, and clear language. Thanks to him, we not only underwent training in plain language, but he also encourages us to do sports together.

MAREK RUMAK knows everything about trademarks and designs. I can assure you he can assist you in registering your trademark anywhere in the world, even in the most exotic country!

KATARZYNA GÓRNA-HURKO is the “court guru” at Affre & Partners specialising in competition and consumer protection law, court disputes and civil law. She is feeling at home in Court, which she even prefers over her office desk. As “the woman” for special tasks, she will answer questions nobody could solve before.

MACIEJ JANIK specialises in Polish and EU competition law as well as consumer protection law. The “language guru” and fully qualified teacher keeps an eye on the quality of our English skills.

What do you appreciate about international networks?

First, international networks help us to be more competitive with large international law firms. Secondly, they offer chances and opportunities for partnerships. While working for international law firms, we learnt how international networks operate. Now, as a small law firm, we believe international networks are an excellent opportunity to collaborate with colleagues from different jurisdictions. Together we can compete successfully with big international law firms at the international level. For example, by participating in tenders for international projects as a consortium. In addition, I see opportunities for referral business, for professional development, and the delightful experience of an intercultural environment.

Would you like to tell us about your interests aside from work?

Everyone has their passions. But two things connect us all: running and helping others. Sometimes we can combine both: for example, by taking part in EKIDEN – Relay Marathon, and running for the Foundation „Spartanie Dzieciom” („Spartans for Children”). During the 12th PZU Warsaw Half Marathon, we took 2nd place in the category 'Fastest Firm' and „The Most Active Firm' among small firms. We also promote the spirit of sports competition among companies, and we prepare practical gifts for families in need in cooperation with the foundation Szlachetna Paczka („Noble Gift”) every year.

What would you like to tell your colleagues in the network?

We are happy to be part of the network, and we intend to be an active member of the Eurojuris family. For Frankfurt, we hope to get to know everyone, to have interesting conversations, and to exchange our experience. Should you have any questions for us, please feel free to contact us any time!

Affre i Wspólnicy Sp. K.:

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