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Advancing the Network - A New President for Eurojuris International: Olivier Vibert

Advancing the Network - A New President for Eurojuris International: Olivier Vibert

Olivier Vibert of IFL Avocats in Paris was appointed President at the Eurojuris International Congress 2019 in Frankfurt. The French lawyer with an international profile has already taken up his new duties. In an interview he talks about the network, core strategic areas, and future activities.

Olivier Vibert has been involved in the Eurojuris network for 15 years. He was President of Jurismus International, then joined the Board of Eurojuris International in 2018, and was now elected President in October 2019. His first activities with Eurojuris started when he joined the independent business law firm IFL Avocats. “One reason I decided to work for IFL Avocats was the law firm’s international focus.” Because IFL Avocats was already a member of Eurojuris, Olivier learned about the network and became involved immediately.

Today, Olivier is a partner at IFL Avocats. In the past years, he has gained profound knowledge in business law and commercial litigation. Olivier has developed his firm's international activities with success and has now taken up a new role in the Eurojuris network as President of Eurojuris International.

For Olivier, “the presidency is about the network and the team. Since the founding of Eurojuris, presidents, board members, national networks, and the members have invested a lot of effort in getting the network where it is today. I highly appreciate all past accomplishments. Now, it is the board’s responsibility to drive the network forward and pass it on later.”

Let us take a closer look at Olivier’s presidency and the planned activities.

Together with the board, Olivier has identified core strategic areas.

Increase Synergies Between National Networks

A primary objective is the increase of synergies between the national networks and the international association. Olivier explains, “The network has dynamic, innovative and highly visible national networks that carry out fantastic activities and initiatives. By expanding the cooperation, the network can use its resources more efficiently and offer greater benefits to its members and their clients.”

Eurojuris seeks to act as a link between all national chapters to relay its national initiatives at the international level. The current redesign of the Eurojuris website represents a significant step forward. By using new technologies, the network can provide effective channels of communication that create closer ties and interaction.

The Eurojuris Practice Groups

One further strategic area set by the board is the Practice Groups. The Practice Groups bring together the network's specialised lawyers who can offer global expertise to clients. New tasks are planned to help create international advisory teams. “The Practice Groups need to expand to achieve greater impact. With numerous specialists representing different jurisdictions, the groups can act as expert committees. An urgent task is to support the chairpersons in enhancing the visibility of their knowledge and skills.”

Network Reach

Eurojuris offers its members and clients a successful response to the new challenges of international markets. An expansion to new territories with a focus on Asia is underway. In Asia, Eurojuris is expanding through the development of Asiajuris. In the Americas and Africa, Eurojuris will also search to strengthen its presence to meet tomorrow's needs.

Mastering Future Challenges #furthertogether

A global vision of the legal profession will be essential in the future. Eurojuris serves as a useful tool to keep up-to-date with trends and challenges by combining analogue and digital communication and other technologies. The network intends to strengthen the international perspective to equip its members with the means to master the rapid changes ahead.

“The main idea is to master future challenges together. As for me, the exchange of ideas with colleagues all over the world opens up new perspectives that enable me to think across the board.”

The overall aim of the presidency is to extend the existing network with new activities tailored to specific needs. Olivier's personal goal is 'to pass on a solid network like the one we have today with new services and more activities between our members'. He is confident, “I look forward to the upcoming events, the new website, and the next sessions of our Practice Groups. But above all, I am curious to see the network evolve. It will be exciting to achieve the first results.”

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