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Board members build on firm foundations

Connection-sparking communications and events with a magical ingredient are the promise from the two newest Eurojuris board members.

Kathryn Paisley, a partner with UK-based Rix & Kay, is leading network communications, while Stefan Daubner, partner with Busekist Winter & Partner in Germany, is heading network events.  

As well as long-standing personal involvement, each is joining from a firm which has been active in the network since the founding of Eurojuris.  This heritage insight is matched by the new ideas Stefan and Kathryn promise to bring to the boardroom table, with each determined to deliver added value for members.  

Stefan is a partner at his Düsseldorf firm, where he specialises in international business law, with a large part of his work concerned with cross-border trade and contract law.  A member of Eurojuris Germany and previously a board member of Jurismus  - the Eurojuris network for young lawyers – Stefan will draw on these experiences in his new role. 

He explained:  “Eurojuris is recognised for its great events, and I hope to support developments which take these to new heights.  At Jurismus our budgets were very tight, and this forced us to think creatively, to make sure that every event had a sparkle and sense of magic for all those taking part, whether through the venue, the agenda or the people and I feel that sense of magic is crucial.  I will draw on this experience and look for ways to add something extra to all our future occasions.” 

Stefan also looks forward to bringing new ideas to network members.  “As a member of the Eurojuris Germany board this has opened my eyes to innovation, research and developments that I might not otherwise have encountered in my everyday practice.  Things happening in one country may be a few years ahead of another, which provides a real opportunity for us to learn and prepare ourselves.  It’s very motivating.”  

Kathryn has a background at London city firms and now leads Rix & Kay’s Corporate team.  Like Stefan, Kathryn has developed many relationships during her involvement with Eurojuris over the past five years, receiving and referring work not just in relation to the corporate and commercial side of Rix & Kay’s business, but also extensively from a dispute resolution perspective.  She will be representing LawNet, the national chapter for the UK & Ireland, on the board as well as leading on communications. 

She explained: “We have an opportunity to get Eurojuris out there and build awareness.  We also need to keep members connected, while avoiding communication overload, particularly with the pressure everyone is currently under.  To start with, I’ll be working with the communications team to extend the Eurojuris website and our social media presence.” 

One website development already underway to build the readership is language-specific content and translation options.  Said Kathryn: “English is the main language used within Eurojuris, and cross-border work generally, but we recognise some visitors may be looking for their native language, or to sharpen their foreign language skills.”  This is an approach adopted by Kathryn herself; as a German-speaker she is a regular attendee at Eurojuris German Desk events. 

Reflecting on the value of being involved with Eurojuris and now joining the board, Stefan says the network is essential: “Our world is international, and the network is so important as it enables you to really know people, to meet and speak outside the day-to-day.  Being part of the Eurojuris board allows me to contribute to something that is bigger than just the single parts.” 

This is echoed by Kathryn who says: “From a professional perspective it is absolutely critical that Eurojuris exists and continues to thrive.  Individual member firms are not of a size to sustain offices in other countries, and it is such an effective way to give our clients a wider reach, as well as enabling us to learn, while building relationships and friendships.”

Olivier Vibert, president of Eurojuris, added: “Our newest board members bring a huge enthusiasm to their role, drawing on their own positive experiences in the network.  I know their work will be magnified by their desire to ensure the value they have experienced is felt by others.” 

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