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High flying Claus to drive member benefits

Hong Kong is just one of the destinations Claus likes to visit when using the distraction-free environment of long haul flights to prepare complex cases

The newest member of the Eurojuris International board is Claus Heide Andersen from Denmark, taking the lead in network development, where his focus will be on seeking out new, valuable benefits for members.

Keen to inspire others to maximise their value from the network, those benefits are not just about stimulating more referrals between members, as Claus explains: “Referrals are important, but there are so many other ways members can derive value from being part of the network and we want to highlight and develop those. 

“For example, being able to get in touch with others in the same field is very beneficial, particularly for younger lawyers.  Also, we will look at further ways to support the management and marketing for firms to secure good clients.  This will build on the initiatives already introduced such as the leadership group, support for website development and the inter-network marketing forum.”

Claus is also supporting the expansion of the Jurismus JUMP scheme, which enables a young lawyer to visit and work with a member firm in another country, which can benefit both the young lawyer and the two firms involved.   Click here to read about the experience of young German lawyer Maximilian Juncker visiting Claus in Denmark as part of the JUMP programme.

It’s now seven years since Claus joined Eurojuris member IDEAL Advokatfirma in Odense in his first legal position, where he was introduced to the Jurismus network for members under-40.  Since then, he has been a regular face at international Eurojuris conferences and Jurismus events. 

So why does he keep coming back?   Claus replies: “Because today it feels like I am seeing my friends and family.  But going back to the first conference and practice groups I visited, I found it so beneficial to have access to outside lawyers who were in the same field where I could share, and it went on from there.”

When asked to highlight the biggest benefit he has found in being part of the network, Claus says: “If I were to pinpoint one single thing, it would be that the network has helped me to be more professional when I advise clients.  Because I have the network in my backpack, I can be confident and say I know I can get this sorted for you in Germany, or Spain or the UK, or wherever the problem may be.”

Claus studied chemistry to Masters level, but then took a major decision to change direction and train as a lawyer.  Now, he makes use of his scientific background to offer specialist knowledge to agricultural sector clients in the field of intellectual property.  His work includes complex scientific-based litigation where his background brings insight to the issues, and in his dealings with expert witnesses.  With matters ranging from the use of animal semen to import/export duty around Brexit, his casebook is always interesting.

Claus says: “I have a passion for the law, so it is not like working for me.”

Off duty, Claus has an affinity with aviation.  He kept his feet on the ground when he worked on the security gates at his local airport while studying for his law degree, but now he is a frequent flyer.  He loves to jet off, even though he may fly straight back, and it’s not suitcases that he travels with, but his legal cases. 

A long-haul flight is his route to off-duty relaxation and the way he likes to focus on important client matters before appearing in court.  A typical trip for Claus may be to depart for Hong Kong on a Friday, returning with a ‘neatly packed case’ on Monday morning, all ready to start the week.  

Welcoming Claus to the board, Eurojuris International president Olivier Vibert said: “Claus has been a very active member of the network, so he joins the board with invaluable experience.  And with the new eye he brings to things, it was natural to ask him to review member development, to see where we might increase the benefits of membership.

“One route will be through new partnerships, such as in new technology or software.  The challenge internationally is more complex, but we see within our national networks how successful such partnerships can be in delivering added value for members.”

Claus is also on the board and active in the national association of Eurojuris in Denmark. 




Claus worked on the security gates at Billund airport to support himself while studying for his law degree, and now the airport is the jumping off point for the long haul flights he enjoys to far-flung destinations Photo: Jonathan Kemper

Claus Heide Andersen is the newest member of the Eurojuris International board and will be focused on seeking out new valuable member benefits

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