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GDPR Helpdesk - European Entrepreneurs interview Olivier Vibert

Dear Olivier, thank you for joining us. Tell us, why is GDPR relevant to all small and medium-sized enterprises in Europe?

GDPR is one of the many issues that any small and mid-size companies need to address at their level and which can be time-consuming, stressful and a source of risk.

GDPR is also an important question in terms of image. Consumers will tend to look more closely at these issues. Large companies confirm that their suppliers or partners are GDPR compliant.

How can the GDPR Helpdesk of Eurojuris help them be compliant with the regulation?

The goal of the GDPR helpdesk is to allow entrepreneurs to have easy access to a competent lawyer in this field. Companies can get quick first answers to the questions that they may have in order to minimize sources of risk and eliminate stress for the manager.

The possibility to speak with a lawyer and raise questions about GDPR issues will most likely save the companies time and costs and help them concentrate on their core business.

How does it work practically?

It’s very simple.

Any company can contact, by phone or e-mail, the lawyers listed on our GDPR helpdesk to ask their questions.

In general, what are the benefits for medium-sized enterprises when working with a Eurojuris law firm?

Medium-sized enterprises will have quick access to a competent lawyer. Our lawyers are easy to find and contact.

Also, Eurojuris international is a one-stop shop with specialists in all practice areas and law firms around the world. We have a large diversity of members but most of our members are mid-size law firms dedicated to providing services to SMEs. A Eurojuris law firm will be able to provide quality service at a competitive price.  

Not all SMEs have a legal department. Working directly on legal issues with an entrepreneur isn’t the same as working with a legal counsel. Our lawyers are used to adapting their communication to the clients, and they speak their language. Also, our law firms work regularly with international clients and have experience with companies from different countries and cultures.

Finally, Eurojuris is a place where lawyers share their knowledge. This enhances their know-how with transnational visions and offers straightforward support to other lawyers for matters involving manyfold competencies. In the end, our large network, close cooperation and exchange of know-how will always be a great benefit for the client.

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