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Introducing Kearney, McWilliams & Davis: Our New Member in the US

Introducing Kearney, McWilliams & Davis: Our New Member in the US

This month, we welcome our new Eurojuris member Kearney, McWilliams & Davis in Houston to the network. Senior Attorney in Litigation and Business Law Mr. Stacey L. Barnes tells us about the law firm’s practice areas, his international work experience, and more.

Kearney, McWilliams & Davis, PLLC, a 'general business representation' law firm, operates in a wide range of practice areas, focusing on general business, commercial law, corporate law, intellectual property, and litigation. The clients include start-ups to massive multinational operators to individual inventors and small landowners.

With two offices, the principal office located in Houston, Texas, and a regional office in Denver, Colorado, the firm supports its clients all over the Western United States and beyond. “The offices overlap in subject-matter. But because of the regional economy, the Denver office advises a lot of clients in the oil and gas sector,” explains Mr. Stacey L. Barnes, senior attorney in litigation and business law, and the Eurojuris International contact at Kearney, McWilliams & Davis.

Born from the mineral and oil & gas sectors of law, the firm has developed into a full-service law firm. “With John J. Davis III, a founding attorney and managing member, joining the firm, general business and intellectual property assets were brought in. Later, a number of attorneys, who had worked together previously came onboard.” “Some of my former students and colleagues started working at the firm, bringing in assets for general business, as well as both domestic and international litigation and arbitration.” Early this year, Mr. Barnes brought in further connections.

Now, Kearney, McWilliams & Davis handles all legal matters, assisting individual and corporate clients with a broad range of legal issues, including estate planning, residential property and real estate, energy, intellectual property, immigration services, business creation, growth, and development.

The firm’s business model aims at a vertical integration into the client’s business practices and operations. “As general business lawyers, we can handle basically everything for a company, from start to finish.” That includes the expansion of a business, negotiating and enforcing agreements, developing and managing residential and commercial property assets, and managing employees.

The business model compensates attorneys and staff at more flexible and competitive salaries, while combined with less strict hourly requirements seen at other firms. “Clients benefit from such structure because we are able to provide legal representation in a much more cost-efficient way, compared to large US firms with a massive overhead.”

Stacey Barnes is the international business person at Kearney, McWilliams & Davis. As a litigation attorney, his practice focuses on the areas of international business law, general business representation, corporate law, commercial litigation, and IP law. His work covers both domestic US and international disputes. At the international level, he has advised business clients on legal matters involving, for example, Mexico, Germany, France, Italy, Sweden, Russia, Central African Republic, Saudi Arabia, South Korea and India. His language skills include Italian, Spanish and Russian, which are an asset. “I represent Russian clients in the energy sector, for example. Knowing the language is always appreciated by clients.”

In addition, Mr. Barnes is a Visiting Professor at the University of Debrecen, Hungary and a former Adjunct Professor of Law at South Texas College of Law, teaching International Commercial Arbitration, International Sales of Goods, and Arbitration Law. “After my assignment as Adjunct Professor at South Texas College of Law, I went on doing several visiting professorships, including the University of Debrecen. Since, they have invited me back to teach, which I appreciate and enjoy. Moreover, I think it is important to keep oneself academically current.”

As regards the Eurojuris membership, Kearney, McWilliams & Davis is looking for connections. “We are seeking to have lawyers available on the ground, with local knowledge and expertise in Europe and elsewhere. We are certainly happy to help with any matter here in the US, not just in Texas and Colorado.” With his extensive experience with international clients, Stacey Barnes will be happy to serve as the gateway within the Eurojuris network.


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