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Focus on the M&A, Corporate and Restructuring practice group  : join them in Antwerp on 12 May 2023

True to the spirit of their work as lawyers, members of the Eurojuris International practice group focused on corporate cross-border issues successfully completed their own merger in 2022.

The merger of the corporate and insolvency practice groups was a logical step, as many practitioners were active in both fields, and often forced to choose which to join when all groups met at the same time at main events.

After being trialled and proven through joint meetings, the single, merged group was formed.  Known as the M&A, Corporate and Restructuring practice group, members demonstrated their own professional expertise in restructuring by making it a seamless transition. 

Said co-chair Barbara Egger-Russe of GPK Pegger Kofler & Partner Rechtsanwälte in Austria:  “Corporate, restructuring and insolvency overlaps for many of our members, so this was a common-sense strategy and a win-win as we get more members together in the single group.  It broadens the agenda and creates greater opportunity for sharing and learning.”

There are presently three chairs, to ensure a strong focus on each aspect of the merged group.  Thomas Brand from Russian firm Brand & Partner is chair, and the second co-chair alongside Barbara is Sonia Jordan of IBB Law in the UK.  Together, they ensure that the programme reflects the bigger picture for members.   

At Madrid, the agenda ranged from restructuring law in Spain to the UK market post-Brexit.  It also included a slot from UK member Kathryn Paisley of Rix & Kay, who shared her experience of using LinkedIn and other social media to generate business.

New initiatives will be unveiled at the next practice group event in Antwerp in May, and will build on ideas discussed at the Madrid Congress, including the rolling out of plans to help group members market their international connections through Eurojuris.  Building on the brochure developed for the corporate group for use in marketing to clients, it is planned to create a similar tool for restructuring and for M&A, with this on the agenda for Antwerp. 

Other topics on the agenda for Antwerp are the impact of sanctions and new laws on Belgian subsidiaries of foreign companies.   Follow the link at the bottom of hte page to download the full programme.     

Barbara added:  “We can use online and hybrid meetings, but really the spirit is in being together.  That’s why we always come together in a social setting after the main discussion, so we can engage on another level.  It is all about relationships.” 

  • If you’re not already taking part in the practice group, you can join here.

Barbara Egger-Russe, co-chair of the M&A, Corporate and Restructuring practice group

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