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Meet Claus Heide Andersen: A Young Lawyer With a Passion for Aviation

This month, we talk to Claus Heide Andersen of IDEAL Law Firm LLP in Odense, Denmark. The active IPR practice group member tells us about the law firm’s working climate, his working areas, and his interest in air travel.

Jesper Altamirano, Niels Eriksen, and Jens Jacob Dühr established IDEAL Law Firm LLP, a commercial law office, in 2015. “We are a young law office. This applies not only to the firm but also to the whole team”, says Claus Heide Andersen, who joined the firm three years ago.

The work culture at IDEAL Advokatfirma LLP can be described as young, open, and shaped by flat hierarchies: “with all colleagues having their doors open, you can easily reach anyone.” Claus also points out, “The entire firm works closely together at all times. That way, we can bring together the complete expertise, and find the best solution for our client.” To enhance the pleasant working atmosphere, a living plant wall, “with positive effects on the room climate and the mood”, was recently installed in the conference room.

The firm’s practice areas include Agricultural Law, Corporate Law, Data Protection Law, Employment Law, Insolvency, Litigation, Market Law, Mediation, Mergers & Acquisitions, Private Matters, Real Property, Tax Law. Claus, in his position as assistant attorney, focuses on Company Law, Intellectual Property Law, Litigation, and Real Estate Law. He also handles all cases with a scientific scope as he has a degree in chemistry in addition to his legal education.

Agricultural Law is not only one of the firm’s focus areas. It is more of a theme: the law firm handles all matters connected to the field, from the agricultural properties, to the supply chains, to the acquisition abroad. “In practice, the work involves Competition Law, Customs Law, Litigation, M&A, Real Estate Law, etc. We can provide the entire package in this field.”

Recently, IDEAL Law Firm LLP has assisted in creating a joint venture between a Danish and a Belgium company in France. The enterprises concerned are hatcheries of poultry, a very specific area where detailed knowledge about the sector is required. Claus gives an example, “details such as the percentage of chickens alive after a certain number of days needs to be indicated in the agreement.”

On specific matters, Claus collaborates with colleagues within the Eurojuris network, where professional advice is easy and uncomplicated to get. “The exchange with my colleagues within the network, in particular within the IPR practice group, is a benefit because it helps me check if I am on the right track. A call or an email is all that it needs.” Especially in Intellectual Property Law, information sharing is relatively easy as laws and regulations are built on EU Law and are mostly the same within the European Union.

Since joining the practice group, Claus has attended Eurojuris meetings twice a year and got to know his colleagues. “It is easier to contact someone if you know the face behind a name.” Besides the personal connections, Claus is pleased with the knowledge-related component of the meetings, “the chairman’s programmes are interesting, including the organised visits, such as to the Competition Authorities in Stockholm.”

Aside from work, travel and aeroplanes are Claus’ big interests. “I have a passion for aviation. At one time, I even considered becoming a pilot.” Air travel literally is one of his leisure activities, “next weekend, I am going to Hong Kong. Just for the weekend. Travelling by plane is a good way to relax and clear my mind.”

For sure, Claus will undertake many travels in 2019. One will take him to Ljubljana, where he will be joining the Eurojuris Practice Groups and Training Days Meeting. “I have marked the date in my calendar. I would not miss it.”


About IDEAL Advokatfirma
IDEAL Advokatfirma is a commercial law office. The practice areas include: Agricultural law, Corporate law, Data protection law, Employment law, Insolvency, Litigation / arbitration, Market law, Mediation, Mergers & Acquisitions, Private matters, Real property, Tax law.

The new plant wall. See how it was created!

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