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Meet Diego Deboni Ferletic: Avvocati – A Law Firm with High Professional Values and Strong Partnerships

Meet Diego Deboni Ferletic: Avvocati – A Law Firm with High Professional Values and Strong Partnerships

This month, we introduce our new member Diego Deboni Ferletic: Avvocati. Attorney Alessandro Deboni tells us about the firm’s business activities, its international partnerships, and his interest in the German-speaking region.

If you attended the Practice Groups and Training Days in Ljubljana, you already had the opportunity to meet Alessandro Deboni. The Italian lawyer is the Eurojuris contact person at Diego Deboni Ferletic: Avvocati, an associated law firm with offices in Trieste, Gorizia and Udine.

Integrity, tradition and close relationships are core values of the Italian law firm. Both, the work environment and the business culture reflect these professional values, “we are ten colleagues working together in a familiar atmosphere for many years, many of us even for decades.” Because the corporate philosophy encourages investment in honest and competent people, many of today's attorneys started working with the firm as trainees, including Mr. Deboni himself.

To guarantee a high level of expertise, the work is divided between the five associates, Mario Diego, Alessandro Deboni, Franco Ferletic, Guendal Cecovini Amigoni, Pietro Becci, and their associates. Together they cover most of the areas of the law, including specialised fields such as wine law handled by Vanessa Zanette.

The team assists individual and corporate clients: In the first place, foreign clients seeking legal assistance in Italy for a broad range of legal issues, among which also international family Law (Debora Valentini). Barbara Di Blas supports clients also in tax litigation. Secondly, Italian clients with property abroad or doing business at an international level. Cross-border legal matters are a significant work area due to the geographical proximity to Austria, Slovenia, and Croatia. “We maintain very close relationships with our neighbour countries.”

Mr. Deboni’s work focuses on International Litigation and Contracting, Civil Law, Commercial and Corporate Law, Bankruptcy Law, Banking Law, and Arbitration. He is based at the Gorizia office, where the majority of the international cases are handled due to the presence of native German speaking personnel.

For Alessandro Deboni, his international activities are a personal interest that always offers new professional challenges. “Since my early youth, I have had a special curiosity about the German language and culture.” He explains, “I am from Gorizia. Because of our historical ties with Austria, I have studied German in school, and I am familiar with the Austrian culture and values.” During his studies, Mr. Deboni furthered his knowledge and presented a comparative analysis of Austrian, German and Swiss Law in his doctoral thesis, made a short stage in England and gained work experience in Germany.

Today, his work covering the German-speaking region focuses on two areas: commercial contracts and real estate transactions. One major project was the development of photovoltaic plants in Trieste and near Rome. Further activities include the advice of German and Austrian clients acquiring real estate at the coastal line, in cities such as Grado, Lignano or Trieste, or of larger investors interested in the hotel industry in Trieste.

Through Eurojuris Italy, the firm had been a member of Eurojuris for two years and has now joined the network again. “I appreciate the professional exchange with colleagues, which not only expands my knowledge on international matters but often leads to the solution of national problems. You have to see the bigger picture!”

With Eurojuris International, Diego Deboni Ferletic: Avvocati seeks to expand its business network to the international level. The firm had been a member of DIRO, a German-speaking network of law firms in Europe, for about 15 years. “Because of DIRO’s increasing focus on the German market, it cannot provide the necessary reach. We now need an international network with local knowledge and expertise in Europe and beyond. I consider Eurojuris to be a suitable partner, and I look forward to successful cooperation.”

Contact Information:

Alessandro Deboni is your contact person at Diego Deboni Ferletic: Avvocati. Go ahead and contact him anytime!

Corso Verdi 96, GORIZIA, 2, Italy
Phone: (+39) 0481 30275
Fax: (+39) 0481 532969


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