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Building A German-Italian Partnership: Katiuscia Indirli & Her JUMP Experience

With JUMP – the JUrismus Marketing Partnership – Young Eurojuris members can now upgrade their networking. The individual exchange programme promotes Jurismusers to exchange with colleagues in other countries and to market their law firms during their stay. Katiuscia Indirli of Caemmerer Lenz Karlsruhe participated in the JUMP programme to establish a cooperation between her law firm and the hosting partner Morri Rossetti e Associati in Milan.

The first contact between the two law firms took place in May 2018, during the Eurojuris Practice Groups and Training Days in Stockholm. Ms. Orsolina Fortini of Morri Rossetti e Associati had contacted Dr. Oliver Melber of Caemmerer Lenz Karlsruhe beforehand. “Orsolina expressed her interest in our law firm and the Caemmerer Lenz Compliance und Datenschutz GmbH&Co. KG. Later, during the meeting in Stockholm, Dr. Melber proposed the JUMP programme to pave the way for future cooperation,” Katiuscia tells us.

With her strong Italian background, being bi-lingual, having both the German and Italian citizenship, and having graduated also from the università degli studi di Pavia, Katiuscia was the perfect match for the planned exchange. The JUMP was quickly designed based on the individual goals, including the understanding of Morri Rossetti e Associati’s structures and workings, insights into the departments, and the creation of a basis for future cooperation. For Katiuscia, “the organisation of the JUMP was easy, and we had no trouble putting together a productive programme.”

Late 2018, Caemmerer Lenz Karlsruhe and Morri Rossetti e Associati slipped into the role of host firms by welcoming Katiuscia Indirli and Orsolina Fortini for one week. First, Katiuscia got to know her colleagues in Milan, “Morri Rossetti e Associati welcomed me warmly. Orsolina accompanied me during the many activities we undertook, such as a visit to Milan Cathedral.”

Building on that, Katiuscia made the most of her stay to exchange knowledge and to gain new insights. Among many activities, she held a presentation of Caemmerer Lenz Karlsruhe and participated in a workshop on Blockchain together with her colleague Giulio Kowalski. Because of her work focus, Katiuscia received an introduction to Italian Administrative Law by Sara Beretta, former head of the Administrative Law Department at Morri Rossetti e Associati. She also participated in a presentation of the Data Protection Department and attended an internal meeting on the department's work. “We discussed many topics: from the role of a data protection officer to digitisation, to blockchain.”

With a view to future cooperation, Katiuscia met with Stefano Morri, founding partner of Morri Rossetti e Associati, to talk about the first steps of the German – Italian partnership. Already during her stay, she held a meeting with the AHK, the German-Italian Chamber of Commerce in Milan, and started working on a German/Italian newsletter on “Data protection”.

Following the JUMP, Oliver Melber, Cristina Cengia and Stefano Morri came together to discuss the next steps. “Dr. Melber was very pleased with the results as we received great feedback with regard to the presentation of our law firm.” Since then, Caemmerer Lenz Karlsruhe became a member of AHK Italy. “We want to present ourselves together. At the moment, we are planning an event to introduce ourselves and our partnership to clients in Italy.”

The JUMP was the first step towards a successful cooperation. Katiuscia enhanced not only her legal knowledge but also her network. 'I was able to exchange ideas with many young lawyers. I learned about current Italian business culture, about how to communicate with clients, and I built new international friendships. For me, the programme was a lucky chance.”

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