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Norwegian network goes from strength to strength

Norway is one of the largest oil and natural gas producers in the world

National association Eurojuris Norway is going from strength to strength, thanks to its focus on growing exceptional lawyers and law firms.  

The Norwegian network highlights core values of building relationships, sharing knowledge, and promoting international connections to enhance the skills of its members, through being part of the vibrant international Eurojuris community.

Norway is famous for its stunning natural beauty, rich cultural heritage, and its world-leading sovereign wealth fund developed through its natural energy reserves. One of the largest oil and natural gas producers in the world, other important sectors include hydropower, fish, forests, and minerals.  While Norway is not a member of the European Union, it is part of the EEA and has aligned its actions with many EU regulations and goals.   

Recognised for its progressive policies, including high standards of living and environmental protection, Oslo, the vibrant capital city, is home to a feast of museums, galleries, and cultural events.  Out of town, the spectacular fjords, mountains, glaciers, and forests attract outdoor enthusiasts. 

The country’s resources and geography help make it a quietly self-sufficient nation, and reflecting this self-sufficiency, the Norwegian legal market features a mix of big full-service firms and smaller niche practices, but unusually the global law firms have not built a significant presence in the country.  

As the national association for Eurojuris International, Eurojuris Norway represents some 260 lawyers from 16 firms, and the network is delivered through a management services model. 

The chair of the national association is Bjarte Røyrvik of Svensson Nøkleby Advokatfirma ANS.  Svensson Nøkleby is the largest firm in the network and its administrative team is contracted to provide the management and purchasing services for the Eurojuris Norway network, which has enabled the development of a valuable member benefits package.    

Group purchasing opens the door to important law firm services for members, such as databases and other platform services including law library.  The aim is to provide a range of benefits that equal the membership fee, even before the broader value of being part of the network is considered. 

Bjarte explained how the association has grown its distinctive personality:  “This approach certainly helps in recruiting and retaining members, but the values at the heart of the network are not just about the economics, but how we learn from each other and build relationships, nationally and internationally.”

One important aspect in Eurojuris Norway, is the required quality standards across the network as all members are supported in obtaining ISO certification as a member benefit. 

The network holds two major events each year, which include management topics and occasionally speakers from the international network. Specialist practice groups meet regularly, and the country also has a national association of Jurismus, the young lawyer forum within Eurojuris, and

Bjarte added: “Our firms are mainly focused on national business, as there is not a lot of international work coming into Norway, so our motivation for being part of Eurojuris International is not about seeking referrals, but more about making contacts for recruitment or to represent our clients overseas.  The value for our lawyers comes from the knowledge-sharing and valuable experiences of taking part. 

“It’s important for us to have friends around the world so we can be confident in recommending our clients on for international matters,” explained Bjarte. 


Bjarte spells out the top three benefits in being part of Eurojuris International

"Friends and colleagues taking care of our clients internationally – that is very important."

"Learning about leading edge developments in law firm management internationally to bring back and share with members. What strengthens our national network will also strengthen our member firms."

"Jurismus, the young lawyer forum, provides an invaluable feed of young lawyers, who gain by sharing with their peers, and then move on to the main network with their international friends and contacts."

Chair of the national association Eurojuris Norway Bjarte Røyrvik of Svensson Nøkleby Advokatfirma ANS

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