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Now Latvia joins the family

The partners of NJORD Law are long-standing friends. Left to right: Sergei Petrov, Dmitri Nikolaenko and Dmitri Kolesnikov.

The newest member of the Eurojuris family is NJORD Law in the Baltic state of Latvia. 

The firm joined Eurojuris after seeing the network in action at the Paris Congress in 2021.  Attending as a guest of the Estonian member firm, partner Sergei Petrov explained: “ I was invited by Veikko Toomere to join the Paris Congress and was very impressed at how well things were organised and how friendly all the people were.”

He added: “Meeting other firms from the network I found they were of a similar size to us, so it was easy to find matching cultures.  It felt like a natural fit, and we are really happy to have become members.”

The firm is headed by three partners, and they have a unique history together, having first met at university.   Alongside Sergei, the other two partners are Dmitri Nikolaenko and Dmitri Kolesnikov.

And, as he explained, they are firm friends still: “After university we worked in-house and then decided we wanted to establish our own practice, which is when the real story begins.” 

A mid-size firm in the Latvian legal sector, the main strengths of the 15-strong team are in intellectual property, litigation, corporate and commercial, employment, immigration, and real estate. 

The firm is very strong in all types of litigation, including criminal and white-collar crime, but as Sergei explains, Latvia does not have specialist litigators so the team take on a broad range of work, working mostly with international clients.

“Much of our strength lies in being generalists, able to support our clients across the Latvian market,” he explained.

“Historically we have tended to work with an international clientele, such as Amazon and its subsidiaries; WhatsApp, working with them on IP; Porsche, for their IP and litigation; and Kuehne+Nagel, the Swiss-headquartered global logistics operator.” 

Other international clients include taxi app Bolt handling their employment matters; insurance company Compagnie Française d'Assurance pour le Commerce Extérieur (Coface) for litigation; and BitPanda for corporate and regulatory work.

Latvia became a member of the EU in 2004 and with a population of 1.875 million and a land mass of just under 65,000 square kilometres it is one of the smaller of the member states.

Around two-thirds of Latvia’s trade is within the EU and major economic sectors are in wholesale and retail trade, transport, accommodation, and food services.  Around a third of the population lives in the capital city, Riga, on the Baltic Sea. This is home to stunning architectural landmarks and the old town Vecrīga is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

The appetite to connect with the world is reflected in the development of cross-border relationships for NJORD Law Firm.  As well as being part of Eurojuris, the firm operates in an alliance with other NJORD Law branded firms, including in Estonia.   Read more about Eurojuris Estonia member here.


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