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Presenting The Eurojuris Sport & Events Team

Presenting The Eurojuris Sport & Events Team

This month, we talk to Jan Goemans, who recently switched to MVWS Advocaten (previously Noppen De Vries Goemans Advocaten). Jan is the new chairman of the Eurojuris Sport & Events Team. He tells us about the group’s goals, related legal issues, and he invites his Eurojuris colleagues to join.

Have you heard about the Eurojuris Sport & Events Team? The group is one of the Eurojuris knowledge groups (not a formal PG) which was formed alongside the formal Eurojuris practice groups. The Sport & Events Team, however, is less knowledge-oriented, and more business-oriented.

“We seek to commercialise our activities,” says Jan Goemans, who was elected chairman during the Practice Groups and Training Days in Stockholm last May. “The sports and events sector has considerable business volume, especially at the international level. The Eurojuris Network provides a great platform to present ourselves as a group of lawyers with vast and varied experience and knowledge in this particular field. And keep in mind, there is a lot of business done during sporting events, it is a wonderful networking opportunity.”

The members of the group possess the legal skills, experience and understanding of sports, sports events and other events. In their practice they advise enterprises and businessman, support organisers and of course add legal expertise. All members have the right spirit and attitude needed to offer services supplementary to organising committees, or management. Many legal issues have to be taken care of, including:

• Immaterial Property (IP) rights
• Contract work (venues, FNB, transportation, accommodation, sponsors etc.)
• Financial protection and insurance
• Procurement law and procedures
• General organisational issues
• Land management

That leads us to the question: is sports a separate legal practice, or not? For Jan Goemans, there are a number of legal issues specifically related to sports. “This concerns the regulations of the individual countries, committees, leagues, or international associations. All have specific directives, etc. And in addition, just as important, they are special cultures with their own customs.”

Jan had joint the Eurojuris Sport & Events Team back in 2016. Now, he succeeds Erik Alver, founder and former chairman of the group, who now acts as vice-chair. “Erik had to resign because of business obligations at his law firm. After careful consideration, Jan decided to take up the job. At the same time, Erik will continue to play an important role “as he is the most experienced member because of (for example) his involvement in the Winter Olympic Games”.

In his legal practice, Jan advises clients including client in the sports sector and has gained significant professional knowledge and experience in sports. In summer 2018, he closed a major business deal for one of his clients, buying a professional football organisation in the Netherlands. “Professionally speaking, it is a take-over, which does not differ greatly from other take-overs. However, because it is sports, there are typical issues involved. In this particular case, issues related to football associations.”

In the present phase, the Sport & Events Team seeks to grow and establish collaborations within the network. “We want to offer a wide range of international expertise to clients. I am sure many of my international colleagues do sports-related business and can contribute to the group’s wealth of knowledge and experience.”

As a next step, the group plans to meet during the Practice Groups and Training Days in Ljubljana, from 16 to 19 of May 2019. But because most members are also members of a PG, we plan the meetings at different times from the PG meetings. Jan is in the process of organising: “I am in contact with the owner of one of the biggest football clubs in Ljubljana. The plan is to learn about their way of doing business, among other things such as visiting a match.”

Jan is inviting all interested members to join, “we have something to offer. In the Eurojuris network, we are looking for possibilities to share knowledge and to broaden our international network. But in the end, we want to gain business opportunities. The Sport & Events Team aims for business.”

What is more, “We are heading towards a more and more internationalised world. Eurojuris is the right place to get prepared for this change. We have to look across our borders to keep our business healthy. That is why I am a strong believer in Eurojuris and the Sport & Events Team.”

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