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Q & A with Zlatko Mateša of Mateša & Kapitan – Our New Member in Croatia

Q & A with Zlatko Mateša of Mateša & Kapitan – Our New Member in Croatia

Some of you may have already met Zlatko Mateša at the Eurojuris Practice Groups and Training Days in Ljubljana. We talked to the partner at Mateša & Kapitan to learn more about him and his law firm.

Mateša & Kapitan is a young law firm. How would you describe the work culture?
That is right; we are a young firm. Sanja Nevešćanin Mateša and Neven Kapitan founded the law firm in 2010. In 2011, I joined the firm, and we have been three partners since then. We have a close relationship because we have known each other since our university days. Now, our work culture can be described as open-minded and shaped by flat hierarchies. We want to get everyone involved and to hear everyone’s voice.

Would you like to introduce your team?
Our team consists of nine people: three partners, three attorney-at-law trainees and three administrative clerks. Within the team, everyone has the opportunity to come forward with ideas and make his or her contribution.

Your law firm collaborates with several partners: notarial offices, auditors, tax advisors, and now Eurojuris International. What relevance does collaboration have in your work?
As a medium seize Croatian law firm, partnerships are highly relevant to us: both, partnerships within the industry and with clients, where we seek to create long-term business partnerships. Because more and more business operations are being regulated, we need experts who work with us on a reliable basis.

How does your law firm benefit from international partnerships?
Croatia's EU membership has created new business opportunities. Today, an increasing number of Croatian companies develop business at the international level. To advise our clients in the best possible way, we need reliable partners and contacts abroad.

Why did you choose Eurojuris International as your partner?
The network offers high coverage in Europe. Regular events are also relevant for us because we want to participate in an active network. I had a good impression of Eurojuris and got in contact. We then got invited join the members during the Practice Groups and Training Days in Ljubljana, where I was able to gain a good understanding of the network.

What do you expect from the network?
We hope to have partners all over Europe. We want to collaborate, exchange knowledge and business ideas. I look forward to getting to know other members and working with them. Ljubljana was a great event. I felt warmly welcome and met new colleagues with whom I am already in contact. For us, the Eurojuris network is an opportunity to grow.

Aside from work, what are your main interests?
Croatia is a wonderful country for sports. I like playing basketball, sailing and riding motorbikes. The latter is a fantastic leisure activity. Once you put the helmet on, you can focus on the road and enjoy the sea view.


About Mateša & Kapitan
The law firm has two offices in Zagreb (HQ) and Samobor. The firm’s primary specialisation includes commercial law, debt collection, labour and contractual law, copyright law, acquisition and consolidation of companies, lad-registry law, compensation of damages and competition law, as well as other fields of law related to the business transactions of the companies.

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