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The new partnership helping to forge the future of the network

Teamwork is the new by-word for the Eurojuris International secretariat, following the appointment of Iris Brokamp as joint secretary general, alongside Diane Tries.

Diane has been at the forefront of the network secretariat since she joined in 2004, and Iris joins the international team following five years handling the secretariat for Eurojuris Germany.

The role has been divided to enable Diane to remain in charge of administration, contracts and accountancy for the network, while Iris will focus on communication, development and strategy, including Jurismus. Both will continue to operate on a virtual basis, Diane in Brussels, the financial base for Eurojuris, and Iris in Bremen, Germany. 

Diane explained:  “I wished to take a step back, while still remaining part of Eurojuris, so a job share is the perfect solution.  This allows each of us to focus on areas of specialism for the benefit of members, while also enjoying working alongside each other.”

Iris qualified as a lawyer in 2004 and worked in legal practice in Germany, later moving into business development roles for major law firms, including Linklaters in Brussels.  Following a career shift into business consultancy for SME law firms, she was offered a contract to support the development of Eurojuris Germany.

Welcoming Iris to her new role alongside Diane, Eurojuris president Olivier Vibert said:  “This move will help us develop the board’s strategy and build the change we envisage to take the network into the future.

“Having trained as a lawyer Iris brings a unique perspective: she understands what lawyers need and can speak their language.” 

Iris added:  “I am excited at the opportunity to broaden the scope of the communications activity, including the website and social media, and to bring new value to members through professionalising of services for members.”

While Diane will be taking time out for her personal life, Iris will balance the new role with her other commitments to Eurojuris Germany, Jurismus and her law firm client base. 

She added:  “I became involved with the Jurismus young lawyer network shortly after qualifying and kept up with the friends I made through the years, as they moved on and become involved with Eurojuris International.  The people are what make this network so special, and Eurojuris is at the heart of my legal world.”

“We are stronger together,” said Diane and Iris.  “We are looking forward to bringing new connections for members and their clients, and to reinforce the trust they have in the network to deliver valuable relationships.”

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