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The time is ripe for business in Brazil

The time is ripe for business in Brazil

As largest country in Latin American by both population and area Brazil has always been a regional power. Its economy is ranked among the top 10 largest worldwide. With diverse natural resources, a strong agriculture, a growing car industry and a labour force of over 100 million Brazil has become an important global player.

Meet Luiz Augusto Azevedo de Almeida Hoffmann, co-founder of Almeida Prado & Hoffmann, from São Paulo.


What are the most important developments in the business law field in Brazil right now?

At the moment Brazil is passing through a political crisis. However, the economy and business are doing well. Right now there are a lot of opportunities in almost all business areas. Efficient investments can be made in agriculture, for example. The sector is not affected by the crisis and delivers high performances. That is why foreign companies are seizing these opportunities and are seeking legal support from our law firm.

Is it foreign companies from the Latin American region or from overseas? The companies are mainly from Europe and Asia.


Have there been any important legal changes lately?

In Brazil a new anti-corruption law entered into force. The law was introduced in 2013. In addition strong efforts are undertaken in compliance in order to add real value to a business. Today all serious companies implement compliance programs and observe this law in order to avoid fines.


What has changed since you founded the office in 2006?

I think Brazil´s economy has improved a lot in the last 11 years. Our currency has been stable since 1994, which provides sound conditions for the Brazilian economy. Since 2006 our law firm has been growing solidly just as well as our international cooperation. Growth has been necessary to achieve sustained results and to deliver a stable performance to our clients. Besides we have invested in new communication technologies and social media tools recently to stay updated.


What were the most important challenges so far?

The biggest challenge is to keep doing a good job in cooperation with other international law firms. Our company collaborates with firms on a national and international level. That is why we joined Eurojuris: because we want to increase our international cooperation.


What do you appreciate most about participating in networks?

I value the opportunity to exchange experiences and to give more value to common clients through international cooperation.


Have you been to a Eurojuris meeting so far?

Yes, I took part in the meeting in Prague. It was my first time and I really liked it. People in Eurojuris are very friendly. At the same time they take business very seriously. What is more, I am looking forward to playing football next time.


Do you play football in Brazil and are you a fan of the São Paulo Futebol Clube?

I enjoy playing football and I am fan of Corinthians, world champion in 2012 in Japan. I was in Japan and therefore able to watch the game against Chelsea in the finals!


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