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Upcoming: Eurojuris Practice Group Sessions in Dubai

Upcoming: Eurojuris Practice Group Sessions in Dubai

The practice groups will be in session during the forthcoming Eurojuris International Congress in Dubai. Practice groups are knowledge groups of experts aiming at the development of a specific market segment. Each practice group is specialised in one area of practice. The members come together at meetings to exchange ideas, to be up-to-date with new trends in their market, and to promote their business, which, in turn, enables them to provide the best service to their clients.

At this year’s Eurojuris International Congress, the following groups will meet:

  • Corporate & Tax Law
  • Insolvency, Restructuring and Banking
  • Int. Trade, Transport & Insurance Law
  • Intellectual Property Law
  • International Litigation & ADR
  • Real Estate Law
  • International Business Group
  • Management Group

The International Litigation & ADR Practice Group will be the first group the be in session. On Thursday, 18th of October, chairmen Thierry Clerc and Christian Schlemmer will welcome their group at the Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC). There, Ms Mihaela Cornelia, Associate director of the Dispute Resolution Authority, will present the DIFC Courts, followed by a presentation of ‘Contract Law in the UAE’, and a visit of the DIFC Court.

Mark Daubney, chairman of the International Trade, Transport & Insurance Law Group, is planning meetings with organisations with links to transport & logistics, and international trade. ‘We aim to build useful relationships with them for the future. The majority of members have clients that undertake a lot of cross-border work’, explains Mark. In addition, he is in the process of securing tickets for the Gulf IT Exhibition (GITEX), taking place at the Dubai World Trade Centre from 14 to 18 of October. ‘With themes such as future urbanisation, AI and the smart workplace all playing a part in the exhibition, the event should provide an excellent opportunity to experience the latest tech innovations and consider how they may affect their clients and their businesses.’

The Insolvency, Restructuring and BankingGroup will hold a joint session with the Corporate & Tax LawGroup on Saturday, 20th of October. A collaboration that has proved to be successful in previous meetings. Dhanraj Misra of CRESCO Legal will talk about ‘Tax Stability in the United Arab Emirates’ followed by Sjoerd Tilman, Chairman of the Insolvency Group, who will present on ‘Legal considerations in cross-border group financing with a focus on cross-border cash-pooling’.

The Corporate Group exclusively will receive an update on BREXIT by Richard Phillips of Veale Wasbrough Vizards and will hear about ‘Liability of a Shareholder of a German Limited Liability Company’ by Joachim Asendorf, Chairman of the Corporate Group.

The International Business Group, a members-only group, as well as the Management Group will hold meetings on Saturday, 20th of October. In a workshop session, including expert speakers, the Management Group will improve their practice and business skills.

This year’s Eurojuris International Congress is going to be held in Dubai, from 18 to 21 of October.

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The UAE’s DIFC Courts administer a unique English-language common law system, offering swift, independent justice to settle local and international commercial or civil disputes. The Courts, based in Dubai, provide certainty through transparent, enforceable judgements from internationally-recognised judges. The DIFC Courts are independent from, but complementary to, the UAE’s Arabic-language civil law system. The DIFC consists of an Academy of Law, a Wills Service Centre, a DIFC-LCIA Arbitration Centre and DIFC Courts.

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