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Welcome PRA - Raposo, Sá Miranda e Associados – Our New Member in Portugal

Welcome PRA - Raposo, Sá Miranda e Associados – Our New Member in Portugal

This month, we introduce our new member PRA-Raposo, Sá Miranda e Associados. Pedro Sá, Partner and Head of Corporate of Porto office, tells us about the law firm’s focus on the corporate market, its international partnerships and his passion aside from work.

PRA-Raposo, Sá Miranda e Associados is the result of the merger of three law firms which established today’s law firm of around 100 lawyers. With offices in Albufeira, Leiria, Lisboa, Ponta Delgada, and Porto, the firm is represented all over Portugal. Its international partnerships with Portuguese speaking countries expand the firm’s geographical reach of their operations.

Because of the law firm’s strong focus on the corporate market, Corporate, Contracts and Competition, Commercial, and Tax are the most significant areas of practice. Besides, Administrative Law and Public Procurement are the fastest growing fields at the moment.

Clearly, a law firm this size requires sound corporate structures and management. Pedro gives an insight, “the firm’s architecture is a clear division into ten departments covering specific areas of practice led by a national and a local leader.” In addition to his position as Head of Corporate, Pedro is closely involved in the firm’s governance. First, in the General Assembly, and second, on the Board of Directors. In this role, he uses his extensive skills in the field of Finance, Leadership, and Negotiation that he acquired during his training in the US, the UK, and Portugal. “I have learned a lot about organisations and the way they work. Now, my main focus on the Board of Directors is communication.” This makes Pedro the contact person for the international partnerships and the Eurojuris network.

With Eurojuris International, PRA-Raposo, Sá Miranda e Associados wants to expand its collaborations in addition to the existing local partnerships with Portuguese-speaking countries. “I learned about Eurojuris more than two years ago when I met one of the members. Now, a combination of factors has made Eurojuris attractive for us.”

For the future, the firm seeks to collaborate with law firms based, for instance, in France, the Netherlands, England and Spain for client referral. “So far, a few client-referrals have already taken place.” With regard to the exchange of expertise, Pedro wants to bring his knowledge of the Portuguese reality and the Portuguese market into the network. Because of his experience in management and strategy, the new member could also contribute to these areas. “We hope to add extra value to the network. I am looking forward to exchanging ideas with my colleagues, especially in the corporate sector.”

What else should you know about Pedro Sá? Aside from work, diving is his passion. On his free weekends, he works as a diving instructor. Right now, he has just returned from a diving trip to Cap Verde. “I am trying to visit the most beautiful underwater places on the planet.”

Bem-vindo! Welcome to the network, we hope to meet you at the next Eurojuris meeting!


Pedro is your contact at PRA-Raposo, Sá Miranda e Associados. Contact him!

Contact Details:
Pedro Sá, Partner and Head of Corporate
PRA-Raposo, Sá Miranda e Associados
T: +351 223 715 485

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