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Celebrating Its 15th Anniversary: Budzowska Fiutowski & Partners

This month, we talk to Benedykt Fiutowski of Budzowska Fiutowski & Partners. The active Eurojuris member tells us about his work in litigation and the firm’s expertise in compensation claims. We learn about his blog “Cross Border Legal Issues”, his interest in sports, and the firm’s 15th anniversary.

In 2019, Budzowska Fiutowski & Partners celebrates its 15th anniversary. The Krakow based law firm has built up and achieved a lot: an excellent team, extensive experience in litigation, and the highest redress for medical negligence in the history of Polish judicature. What is more, partner Jolanta Budzowska was recently ranked among the 50 most influential lawyers in Poland.

“The anniversary is an important date to us, and we are proud of what we have achieved so far.” One of the things Benedykt is satisfied with is the current staff. The team consists of 11 attorneys and a similar number of trainee attorneys. “A team of this size is optimal for our firm. That is why no substantial changes or enlargements are needed.”

Jointly, Budzowska Fiutowski & Partners provides legal services to companies and private persons. The aim is to give “asense of legal security and confidence in business”. That means the support of all professional activities on an ongoing basis, including agreements, negotiations, legal opinions, and legal proceedings.

What all areas of practice have in common is the firm’s long-time experience in litigation, the law firm’s primary field of work. The area is subject to constant changes and amendments. “Polish civil law is often changed, which certainly does not make our work any easier,” says Benedykt. Last year’s most important legislative changes included the significant reduction of limitation periods. “The longest period, which was ten years, was shortened to six years, for example.” On the blog “Cross Border Legal Issues”, Benedykt discusses the topic in detail.

The second leading area of expertise at Budzowska Fiutowski & Partners is compensation claims. The work activities include compensation claims for both pecuniary and non-pecuniary losses and pensions for medical errors, aviation, farmstead and traffic accidents. The firm also provides legal assistance to foreigners injured in Poland in English, German and Italian language.

The law firm was one of the first on the Polish market to specialise in compensation claims, especially in compensation for medical malpractice. “The diversification of our practice in the field of medical negligence alongside commercial cases is the result of a well-considered decision made together with my partner Jolanta Budzowska several years ago.” The specialisation had two objectives: first, to develop practice in medical cases, which accounted for a small part of court cases at the time. Second, to diversify the risk associated with running a law firm.

Now, years later, the firm has recorded the highest redress for medical negligence in the history of Polish judicature. “I can state with great satisfaction that it was a very good decision back then.” The recent ranking of partner Jolanta Budzowska among the 50 most influential lawyers in Poland illustrates the success. “Because Jolanta was the only specialist in personal injury cases the nomination underlines her leading position among Polish lawyers.”

The long-term success of a law firm and any other undertaking demands commitment and active performance. That applies to business as well as to private life. Aside from his work as an attorney, Benedykt is all about sports: from volleyball to swimming, to yoga. Every year, he wins medals at the Polish championships for lawyers.

Benedykt is also an active member of the Eurojuris Practice Group International Litigation, ADR and Contracts. He will be joining the Practice Groups and Training Days in Ljubljana. “Of course I will attend the meeting. As always, I expect to gain many positive experiences in the Litigation, ADR & Contracts Group.”

Congratulations on the anniversary of the law firm. We wish you continued success in the future!


About Budzowska Fiutowski & Partners
Budzowska Fiutowski & Partners provides comprehensive legal services to entrepreneurs and private persons. The law firm represents clients in court and administrative proceedings. The team at Budzowska Fiutowski & Partners also specialises in arbitration, mediation and negotiations. Because a significant part of its clients is foreign entities, the law firm offers services in Polish, English and German.

Latest Won Case:
On 20 February 2019, the Court of Appeals in Warsaw issued a judgement in a case of perinatal hypoxia of a child. As a result of actions taken by the medical personnel of the defendant hospital, the minor claimant suffered particularly serious damage to health.

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