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Eurojuris shapes up for the next decade

President Olivier Vibert at the 2021 Congress, where members shared their ideas for future direction of the network

Eurojuris is celebrating its 30th anniversary year by setting out a growth strategy for the next decade that harnesses the power of the membership.  

President Olivier Vibert explained: “A strong, growing network benefits us all, and we can each play a part. 

“Raising our visibility with other lawyers and companies internationally is important for future development and we want to demonstrate how our members are part of a world-wide network involved in many collaborative initiatives beyond the major events each year.

“Being active in our international community is what brings us the most benefit, and it also makes each of us powerful advocates when it comes to raising awareness and introducing new members.”

The communications drive will build on the increased activity over the past year which has seen a greater social media presence and more news published about the network and its members, with the focus on the learning and relationship-building that goes on year-round alongside the cross-border referrals,.   

Olivier added:  “Much of this year’s communication work will be behind the scenes, improving the performance of the Eurojuris website and investing in an agency to maximise the reach of our social media activity. 

“We are gathering more followers, but we need to be sure that we are reaching our targets, including potential new members.  I encourage members to join us in this, connecting with Eurojuris online to spread the word more widely and sharing their own stories of collaboration within the community.”

Another important strand for the future is targeted geographical growth, with ambitions to grow the number of members in North America, Asia and under-represented areas of Europe, such as Greece.  

The aim is to fill in regional gaps in the United States and to target several important cities in Canada to grow representation.  Also, the board is looking at the potential of holding a regional meeting in the USA to encourage interaction between North and South American members, and to promote business between them.   

“This is another aspect where existing members can play a valuable role,” explained Olivier. “In our professional lives we know how important referral and recommendation can be in engaging new clients, and in the same way members may be able to recommend excellent firms they have worked with, where they seem an ideal candidate for membership. 

“This can benefit everyone: the potential member hears the value of membership from a satisfied member, and we know from the start that this is a firm with values that match our own.”   

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