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#eurojuris30 - Remember 1992?

That’s the year that Eurojuris International was founded and as we plan celebrations for reaching our 30th anniversary, we are looking for memories and reflections from members and national associations. 

This is the year that saw Bill Clinton elected president of the United States and when South Africa voted to end apartheid.  The break-up of the former Yugoslavia continued, with independence for Bosnia & Herzegovina, Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro. 

There was a successful maiden voyage for the Space Shuttle Endeavour, launched from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, the Barcelona-hosted Olympics took place in Spain, EuroDisney opened in Paris and the first McDonalds arrived in China. 

Compact discs beat cassette tapes into second place as the preferred medium for recorded music.  And in fashion, branding became a driving force with sneakers from manufacturers like Nike and Adidas becoming collectables. 

Perhaps the single event that proved to have the most revolutionary impact was the release of a text-based web browser in January 1991: within just a few years, millions of people become regular users of the World Wide Web.  

So, whether you were still in school, starting out or well-established, what do you remember when you look back to 1992?  How has legal practice changed, and how has globalisation or technology affected the way lawyers work.  What international relationships have you built over the years through Eurojuris and what memories of the network can we collect from the 1990s, if you or your firm were involved? 

Share your recollections and in the coming months we will be showcasing stories from those firms, national associations and individual members who have been involved over the past 30 years.   

Tweet to @Eurojuris using hashtag #eurojuris30 or send an email to Iris Brokamp at iris.brokamp(at) 

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