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Message on Ukraine conflict

Dear members, dear friends,


We have, like all of you, been dismayed by the armed invasion of the Ukrainian territory and this declaration of war.

Eurojuris International is not a political network. We are not used to commenting on international relations or political decisions.

However, as an international organization of lawyers, we cannot accept a blatant violation of the most essential human rights. The rights to freedom and peace of millions of people have been violated. The right of a population to be sovereign and independent has been shattered  by the use of military armed violence.

As a network of lawyers we cannot accept a clear denial of all international treaties and diplomatic attempts to resolve international tensions.

This will severely harm a population of civilians eager to live in peace and security with their families, friends and neighbours.

Your board wanted in these exceptional circumstances to express in the name of your network its support for the people of Ukraine and more generally to the many people, including within Russia itself, who will suffer from this crisis.

We hope that international solidarity and dialogue will prove with time to be stronger than a brutal armed invasion.


The board of Eurojuris International

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