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Shared knowledge holds out a helping hand

Chris Marston, chief executive, LawNet UK

When it comes to law firm leadership in tough times, the value of shared knowledge is greater than ever.  And for Eurojuris International members, that’s where the newly branded Leadership Group steps in.

The ambition is to support members in becoming better leaders of their law firms, able to meet and exceed changing client expectations, through exposure to new ideas and approaches from other sectors.  It reflects a shift to a more strategic agenda for what was previously known as the ‘management’ interest group. 

The group kicks off on 17th January 2023, with a thought-provoking presentation from a leading academic in the field of business leadership, looking at the critical skills needed by leaders to ensure their firms thrive in challenging and fast-moving conditions.    

The chair of the group is Chris Marston, chief executive of LawNet – the national association representing Eurojuris International in the UK – and he explained the strategy behind the new direction:

“At a time of great uncertainty and evolving customer expectations, it’s time to step things up.  To get the best out of our teams and to deliver the best for our clients, we all need to be open to learning new skills as part of our own personal development.

“This is a group for lawyers who are not only practising law, but also managing their business, leading and inspiring their people and dealing with the challenges that business ownership brings.  We hope they will embrace involvement in a group that intends to drill down into key leadership issues to explore ways of getting better outcomes for their people, their clients, and ultimately their business and its profitability.”

The launch event will look at how to stay resilient and respond successfully to a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world, by embracing new ways of working.   

After that, the group’s next event will see members come together in person in Antwerp, alongside the Eurojuris International Practice Groups, which each cover a specialist aspect of the law.  To enable all members to take part, the leadership group meeting will be scheduled outside the practice group timetable. 

Chris Marston has written an article about the underlying approach to the group, which you can download by clicking here.  And to secure your spot at January’s online launch event, click here




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